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Quick-Clip Inside-the-Waistband Holster (Quick-Ship)

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Your holster will be on its way to you within 7 days (usually less)! This inside-the-waistband holster comes with the standard Quick-Clip attached but still gives you the option to replace that clip with other clip styles, making it ideal for a variety of carry positions and clothing styles (with and without a belt), without having to buy multiple holsters!

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the description to view color swatches and holster photos!  


    • Kydex plastic holster shell with audible "click" retention.
    • Retention is adjustable to your preference.
    • Full kydex sweat shield extends the full length of the slide.
    • Open bottom is perfect for threaded barrels.
    • Sight channel is cut to accommodate aftermarket sights and most standard red dot optics (like RMR & Trijicon), with no snagging.
    • Made in the USA!


    • The Quick Clip is included in the price and will be attached to the holster.
    • Must wear it with a belt.
    • Quick-Clip is a basic plastic clip, found on a variety of holster styles. 
    • Allows for a cant of 0 degrees to 15 degrees forward - wear it anywhere between your navel and your strong side kidney.


    • The concealment wing helps tuck the gun grip in towards your body, helping to minimize printing and aiding concealment.
    • The wing is most beneficial when using a belt or with a tight waistband (to provide compression against the wing, which pulls the grip towards your body). 
    • The wing is most useful when carrying in the appendix position. The benefit diminishes in other carry positions. 
    • Wing ships attached to the holster. Easily screws off - the holster is perfectly functional either with or without the wing.
    • The wing is NOT workable for tiny guns, there is just not enough room on the holster to add it. Not workable on: Ruger LCP, Sig P238.
    • You can try the wing later by ordering from our Clips & Attachments page, it does not have to be added now. 


    This holster will have the Quick-Clip attached. But it's drilled to work with two additional clip styles AND it works with our Velcro kit, too! To have carry options down the road, you don't have to buy a whole new holster. Just use the same holster shell and replace the clip! Clip kits do not have to be ordered now, they can be ordered at any time from our Clips & Attachments page. 

    If you would rather have one of the optional clips attached to your holster, then order the holster style named after that clip, ie. the Ulticlip Holster or the Fabriclip Holster. Those holsters will both be drilled with the exact same holes as this one, and have the exact same clip options. But the attached clip will be different. 

    • Ulticlip (+$10): Wear itwithouta belt. Or thread a belt over the clip.  Adjustable cant - wear it in a variety of carry positions.
    • Fabriclip (+$11) -Wear it with or without a belt. Plastic clip locks tight onto fabric. Adjustable cant - wear it in a variety of carry positions
    • Adhesive Velcro (+$10): Kit includes 4 strips of hook and 4 strips of loop velcro. Industrial strength adhesive. 
    • Kits ship with loose clip and hardware. Just use a Phillips screwdriver to change clips out. Easy! Instructions included. 
    • Learn more about all of these clip options, view instructions, tips and info on our All About Clips page. 


        A heat transfer process infuses the pattern into the kydex, somewhat like a tattoo - it's very durable and it will never wear off! You have 75+ color options: solids, textures, camo and specialty prints! You also get to choose your rivet colors - match them or contrast them with your kydex!

        Allow a few seconds for the color swatches to load. Scroll further down for holster pics! If you don't see the pattern you're interested in, browse a gallery of various patterns on different holster styles here (specialty colors change often, so you may see patterns in some of the pics that are no longer available).

        Hover to view color name. Click/tap to enlarge.





        CAMO (+$5)


        SPECIALTY (+$10)





        This versatile holster is hand-made to order. By limiting the number of available gun models and not offering laser or light combinations, the production process is streamlined and super-fast!  But if you don't see your gun model on the list, if you have a light or laser or if you want your own uploaded design on the holster, search for this alternative holster style - but it takes about 5 weeks to make: Adjustable IWB Holster (Customizable). The two holsters are very similar, with similar clips. They are made by two different holster suppliers, so they just have minor design differences and different color/pattern availability. 


         Get more details on all clip options plus instructions for installation & use on our All About Clips page.  

         Pick up extra clips and hardware at any time from our Clips & Attachments page.

         All About Holsters - browse our articles, especially if you're new! Terminology will be explained and you'll get a better understanding of the various holster styles.

         Still unsure? We get it! It's a lot of info and there are a lot of options. Please email us, we'd be happy to help!


        Customer Reviews

        Based on 8 reviews
        Great IWB holster

        I bought to use with a Sig P938. Works great with leggings and jeans. Fast shipping and love the customization options. Definitely recommend it.

        So Comfortable!

        This is such a great holster. I bought it for my Sig P238 and it works wonderfully. I have a small frame so having such a low profile holster really helps me conceal more effectively. And this one is comfortable! The clip is tight and stays in place so I’m not worried it’s going to unlock from my pants. I hate wearing belts so this was the perfect solution. The designs they have are also beautiful so that’s a bonus :) Thank you Gun Goddess!

        LOVE IT!!

        I received my holster today, and I Love it! It fits perfectly with my Springfield XDS 9mm. The print is better than expected as well. Had to do some minor adjustments because it was too tight of a fit but that is expected. Over all I am so happy and can’t wait to walk out of the house and feel confident with my new holster!

        Great holster!!

        Love the way it fits my firearm perfectly!! Holds it in snuggly so there’s no risk of it falling out. No belt clip has a firm hold on my jeans or leggings which is a huge relief...... it’s hard to find a clip that doesn’t require a belt.

        I LOVE this holster!

        After spending hours researching holsters online, I finally decided to purchase this one for a variety of reasons. 1) I loved that I could customize not only the kydex (pictured is OD green) but also the rivets (with desert tan). 2) This holster had the option to add the Ulticlip, and still shipped with the belt clip, just in case I wanted to switch it out. This holster is also nice because you can add the concealment wing later, which I'm considering purchasing. 3) The sweat shield covers the entire gun. 4) Screws allow you to adjust how tightly it squeezes your gun so you can adjust retention to your liking. 5) I liked the quick ship option and shipping was actually fast! I received my holster in 1 week. 6) Customer service was fantastic! I emailed them with a couple questions and they got back to me quickly, with a very detailed response that you could tell a real person wrote (not a computerized response).

        All in all, I highly recommend this holster!