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Carrying a Gun: Purse Carry

How do you use a purse for concealed carry?

How Do You Use a Purse for Concealed Carry?

3 min read

Carrying a gun in a purse is a popular option for women because of its flexibility over other methods, but there are some critical things you need to know before you add a purse to your carry repertoire. Take a look at our article on carrying concealed with a purse to learn the basics and find out if purse carry is a good option for you
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Purse Carry with Il Ling New

1 min read

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Choosing a Purse for Concealed Carry

4 min read

The most important feature to look for is easy access, because a gun is no good if you can’t get to it. You’re not just buying another purse. You’re buying protection and peace of mind.
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Julie Golob's Tips for Purse Carry

2 min read

If you choose to carry a firearm concealed remember that YOU are responsible for your firearm at all times.  Many women choose to carry a firearm concealed in a purse. A valid concern with purse carry is control of the firearm. 
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