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Free shipping on orders over $100!

GunGoddess Team

ATHENA - Founder & President

I like guns. I like to shoot. But I’ll  freely admit that I also like anything colorful and sparkly - and I don't see why the two can't go together! I simply got tired of searching for functional but also fun and feminine shooting gear for myself, so I set out to find fabulous products that other women shooters would love, and bring them all together here on one site. 

My first trip to a shooting range was in 2004. As a military spouse, and often home alone for extended periods of time, it was time for me to learn how to use the guns we had at home, despite my initial "I don't really care about guns" attitude - little did I know that I would be instantly hooked!

It wasn't long before I purchased my own gun, and obtained my concealed-carry permit. My enjoyment of shooting was taken to a whole new level when I showed up to try a USPSA handgun match at a local club: nerve-wracking, challenging and lots of fun!  I had discovered a new sport and a new passion - not to mention new toys! I’m still finding my way around the ins and outs of sport shooting, along the way enjoying the special bond that shooters enjoy - always learning and having a ton of fun!

On a more serious note, I also know that if I’m ever in a situation that causes me to fear for my safety, I have the training, skills and tools to be able to defend myself. If you’re only just venturing into the world of guns and shooting, I encourage you to have the confidence to take those first steps. Go to your local range, research, take a course, ask questions… just try it! It’s a skill that can be a lot of fun - and one that might also someday save your life. We're here to help you, every step of the way. 

We're all about shooting gear that is both fun and functional! We love customizing and personalizing, and we love finding unique products for you! Our philosophy is that if we wouldn't use it ourselves, then we don't want to sell it to you. This means we test and review every product to ensure that we're 100% satisfied before we add it to the site. We believe in doing business in an ethical, honest manner. We believe in offering quality products at reasonable prices. We promise to ship in-stock items within 1 business day - and we do. Returns are hassle-free. And if you ever need assistance, there are US-based, live people ready to help. We pride ourselves on providing you with a customer service experience that you'll be impressed with (just read our customer testimonials)! 

I hope that for women, can become not just a place to find gear that is both fun and functional, but also an educational resource and a way to connect with other like-minded women around the country! And for the men who love those women - well, I've just made all your future gift shopping really easy! Not to mention that most of our male customers end up finding a whole lot of cool items for themselves, too! 

Join us on our social media pages, sign up for our email newsletter, share your feedback and photos with us and keep an eye out for the prize giveaways that take place every couple of weeks! 

Enjoy browsing!   

~ Athena



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