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Flying with Firearms

Flying with your firearms may seem complicated, but usually, the process goes through without a hitch. Read more to find out what you need to know when flying with guns.
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Guns and Relationships: How to Talk About Being a Gun Owner

Have you thought about the right time to talk to a new love interest about being a gun owner and supporter of the Second Amendment? Here's how to have that conversation.
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Competition Shooting 101 – MultiGun Matches

Are you thinking about taking the plunge into competitive shooting but you can’t decide whether you want to compete with your handgun, your rifle or your shotgun?  Good news, multigun matches allow you to compete with all of them!
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The Magic Formula for Reducing Felt Recoil

Finding the right ammunition can reduce the amount of felt recoil and make your range trips more fun and less exhausting. Learn how to figure out which ammo results in less recoil.
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What is "Limp Wristing" and How Can You Fix It?

Limp Wristing can cause you to be inaccurate and in some cases, it can even cause your gun to malfunction. What exactly is limp wristing and how can you overcome it?
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How to Solve the Biggest Concealed Carry Challenges

We asked all of our social media followers which of these were their biggest challenges, and here they are, along with some possible solutions.
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Shooting Competition 101 – Accuracy-Focused Pistol Sports

Bullseye, Glock GSSF, and Bianchi matches are 3 different types of pistol matches that are great for both new and experienced shooters. Here's a guide to these sports so you can learn more about them.
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Tips and Training Drills To Help You Get Comfortable with Concealed Carry

Are you hesitant to carry a firearm because it makes you nervous? You are not alone! Here are some tips and drills to help you get comfortable carrying a gun.
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Competition Shooting 101 - Rifle Sports

There are many different kinds of rifle sports, including Smallbore, 3-Gun, High Power, Silhouette, and Precision Rifle. With so many choices, it is easy to find a rifle match that fits your passion
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The Terms You Need to Know When Buying a Handgun

Buying a gun can be confusing. Here are some of the most common words and terms you are likely to encounter when shopping for a firearm.
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Competitive Shooting 101 - Shotgun Sports

Games and matches involving shotguns can be great fun and can help you become more confident and comfortable with your shotgun while improving your skills.
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The GunGoddess Guide to Handgun Maintenance: What Should You Replace and When?

If you're shooting your handgun regularly, some parts are going to eventually wear out. Here are some of the most common gun parts that may need to be replaced.
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