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    Based on 2384 reviews
    Great Sling

    This is just what I was looking for in a simple, yet effective, concealed carry bag. The velcro kydex holster, also from GunGoddess, secures nicely and adds a layer of safety.


    Not only is this the cutest holster I own, it is also fits my concealed carry needs perfectly.

    What the Cluck

    This holster is exactly what I needed for my concealed carry bag. It is such a cute pattern!

    Norah Laced Concealed-Carry Tote
    Angela Snyder (Pennsylvania)
    Never leave home without it

    I am new to a pistol, but I a got my conceal carry permit, taking gun safety course from NRA. And now have a beautiful quality tote to carry my weapon. I feel safe. I love the larger size and plenty of room for everything. Gun case has locks on each end . Easy access to gun! I love it mahogany color

    Chrome Series Earmuff & Glasses Kit
    Robert A Somerville (New York)
    Really Nice Product

    The ear protection didn't seem to block enough sound to use at the gun range. We have not used it yet but when we do we will submit another bit of feedback.


    Quality is awesome! Size/ inside diameter was perfect.

    EZ Bolt Release Lever
    Juan Canales (Texas)
    Beretta a300 ultima sporting and a400 xplor upgrades

    The best up grade u can do to a shotgun makes everything so much easier

    SIRT Training Pistol
    Bob E. (Connecticut)
    A useful training aid

    I bought the SIRT pistol primarily for dry fire practice, and set it up with a red dot optic to duplicate the Glock I use in steel plate competitions. The trigger weight can only be reduced to about 5 lbs which is about the same as the factory trigger but no where near as light as my race gun. Also the laser has no momentary setting so its possible to be off target at trigger pull and sweep the laser across the reactive target triggering it as if it was a legitimate hit.
    The SIRT pistol is very useful walking through the house practicing center axis relock and point shooting without using sights. My version with the steel upper and weighted magazine is pretty close in weight and feel to a loaded Glock which is what I wanted for practice. I also have a laser cartridge which requires racking the slide for each shot and shoots way out of line with the sights on all my Glocks. The SIRT trigger resets after each shot and the laser easily aligns with the sights. If the SIRT had a momentary laser trigger option rather than a 2nd laser (which I never use) and more trigger adjustment it would be perfect

    Faith Concealed-Carry Cross-Body
    Paula Key (Indiana)
    Leather purse

    It is beautiful and well made. But it’s a bit smaller than what I thought it would be. I cannot use the internal holster because my gun has a light on it. Do you make bigger holsters?

    Love it. Exactly as advertised

    The left or right has thing is confusion but the product is legit. Ordering some more, thank you!

    Stylish and practical

    Bought this for myself, for my birthday. It holds everything I need, yet doesn't become to heavy on my neck. I love that there is a locking feature on the zipper. I keep it locked while at home around my kids, and unlock it when I leave the house with it.

    Second Skin Shooting Gloves
    P.K. (California)
    Thin But Mighty

    At first touch I thought I’d rip thru these gloves but they’ve held up - definitely a lot better feeling and built than others I’ve paid more for. I actually own three and my girl one pair.

    Embroidered Lambskin Concealed-Carry Purse
    Charles Taylor. Very dependable. (Maine)
    Love at first feel

    The gf loved it. She practiced pulling it a few times. She Carrie’s it to every function and shopping. Thanks

    Patterned Thread Protectors
    Demetrius Branch (Nevada)

    Fits perfect, looks great!

    SIRT Training Pistol
    TacticalTheresa (Georgia)
    Love it!

    I have been having a great time setting up different dry practice scenarios. The real feel of the magazine helps a lot with mag change drills. This has been a welcome addition to my training!

    Zoey Concealed-Carry Purse
    Lori Nolen (Missouri)

    Love this purse. Plenty of room for my stuff.

    Grips with Graphics
    Anonymous (Georgia)
    Great look and feel.

    Have been looking for some retrowave grips for a long while. Found this place in a random Google search. Now I have these lovely things. Vibrant. The grips feel GREAT. Not obnoxiously textured like the original grips, not smooth like ivory or metal. Just the right blend of smooth and textured to get the job done.

    Will definantly be back for more.

    Cool crossbody

    This is the best purse I’ve ever had—the color-love leather-and all the pockets make things easier to find. Easy access to the weapon!!

    EZ Bolt Release Lever
    Christopher Johnson
    Beretta A400 upgrade

    Definitely an awesome product. Takes a lot less force to close the bolt, and it just looks amazing!

    SIRT Training Pistol
    Kurt Epps (North Carolina)
    SIRT review

    Outstanding tool!

    Fat Guys best holster

    I am big guy got that muffin top belly in front and sides. This is a great holster has best retention. ABOVE ALL THE A SETUP CLIP DEEP CONCEAL IS THE MOST COMFORTABLE FOR BIG GUYS. NO DIGGING INTO THE BELLY.

    Fantastic Product & Service

    One of the most "accurate" kydex holsters I've seen. Perfect fit and flawless construction. Amazing number of options/combinations & I got exactly what I ordered - for a reasonable price.


    Love this purse. Lots of room. Good quality.

    Kydex Wallet & Permit Holder
    Kenneth Jaleco (Illinois)
    Trigger Guard Cover and Permit Holder

    Trigger Guard Cover fits my Sig 1911 Carry, also fits my Colt Commander like a glove and the Kydex Permit Holder holds 5 2 CCs and 3 IDs.

    Grips with Graphics
    Allison G (Florida)
    So Effin’ Worth it!!

    My husband wanted a pair of gun grips for Christmas so I surprised him with a custom pin up photo of me on his Springfield 1911
    He LOVED IT!!!