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Absolutely perfect! The holster fits my Sig P238 w/CT Laser, snug and secure. I have two CC handbags and it fits in both. I will definitely be ordering more! Looking forward to another color/pattern.

Very Nice - but

It's comfy. The size was perfect. Only thing I wish is that the writing was on the back, not the front. Otherwise, I love it.

Fits great, looks awesome!

My wife wanted to make her Franchi Affinity Catalyst look a bit more well, girlish, so we add an extended choke in pink. She loves it!

Great for home security and traveling

Home feels more secure because if someone is breaking in I know and can arm myself. It also may scare whoever is breaking in. Great buy!

Great vest.

Warm, comfy, not binding. I have been looking for a women's vest for several years, and finally found one that fits well and is well made.


The purse is so stylish and very well made. It conceals my Ruger that no one knows I am carrying.

Great fit and finish

This backing plate looks great. It fits perfect. The custom font is the best.
Thank you.

Smith&Wesson M&P Palm swell

I ordered this medium Palm swell I got it within a week very pleased. the price is not bad also.
stippling looks really nice!



Goes with everything.

Love this bracelet! Have received many compliments on it. It's goes with any outfit and with my necklace as well. It also fits well and it's the perfect size not too bulky, keeps it's shape.

So pretty

It's so pretty, and well made.I love the uniclip because I don't usually wear belts. This is my first holster of any kind, so maybe I'm not attaching it properly, but OUCH! When placing the gun into my holster (when it was on me), my adipose tissue got in the way and, well, you can imagine my vocabulary. I guess the way to do it is have the gun in the holster BEFORE attaching it to my pants? Then, being VERY careful when replacing the gun if the need arises to remove it. Overall, very happy with my purchase.

Custom Firefighter build

Grips cost 3 times more than what I had been paying for custom grips from a competitor, but the Firefighter the build was made for loved them. Great staff that worked with me through the entire CUSTOM process. Grips were customized on each side. I would buy from them again if needed. They are able to do custom work that some of the competitors can't, thus why I am willing to pay the cost difference.

I LOVE this handbag...(part 2)

WOW! Gun Goddess' AWESOME customer service quickly resolved the isolated issue with my Dina handbag (and then some!) Thank you, Bernice!

not as pretty as picture to me!

I'm sorry I really was excited about ordering this purse and couldn't wait to get it, but when I did I was me it was a dull ugly brown and the black was also dull and not leather looking, even the charm looks cheap... the purse overall looked cheap to me and for 135.00 I think it shouldn''s also very big, which yes you can carry a lot of stuff plus a big weapon in it but I am trying not to in order to take care of my back...I am returning it, but Gun Goddess is awesome about their returns and thank you for that Gun Goddess!

Love Love Love them!!!

Very nice!! I am glad I went ahead and ordered. Will be ordering another pair very soon.




Oversized Bolt Handle

Purple purse

I love the color of the purse. Love the design. I wish it was just a little bigger on the inside. Hehehe. Guess I carry too much “stuff”!!! Overall really like the purse!


Both custom glock slide covers I have purchased have been beautifully done and quick!


Hard to beat Magpul on Quality and fitment. Color is in between regular pink and hot pink. Looks great daughter loves it. Quick shipping by gun goddess


Adjustable IWB Carbon Fiber- Tiffany Blue holster for my Kimber Micro 9mm.
This holster fits my pistol perfectly, it's tight so the gun isn't moving at all while inside the holster but it is also very easy to take it out when needed. The carbon fiber material is definitely worth the upgrade and I fell in love with the color. The adjustable clip makes it easy to angle the holster to what's easiest for me. I had a really hard time finding a holster that was comfortable and easy to conceal and this is it! Gun Goddess has great products and an even better customer service if you have any questions or problems.

Muddy girl AR Furniture

Great product, perfect description, fast shipping = A Super happy soon to be return customer !

Just Perfect!!

I chose the Tatiana in brown/black & I LOVE IT!! Perfectly safe (3 lockable concealed carry compartments), perfectly practical, perfectly crafted, and perfectly sized for smaller or larger revolvers. You gotta get this purse :)

I LOVE this handbag, but.....

I recently purchased this handbag in "Stone". This is a VERY nice bag & it arrived very well packaged. I love the color, the feel and the size of this bag!
The only problem is the concealed carry compartment locks will not lock. I've even tried using two different sets of universal keys....still, no luck. This added safety feature was a deciding factor in choosing this handbag. Aside from the faulty locks I'm happy with my purchase.

Excellent purse holster

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. The kydex is streamlined, and secures my pistol in my purse, safely.

Outside the waistband Holster in Zebra finish

This holster is top-notch and fits the gun like a glove. There is zero movement when the gun is seated. The holster actually holds the entire gun and not by the trigger guard. It’s looks fantastic and worth the money. I applied white lithium grease on the contact points of the gun for initial break in. This is a custom holster and takes about three weeks to get but it’s worth the wait.

Better than I thought!

I have the cross body purse in beige and I LOVE IT! I do have one suggestion: Any way to put inside an attachment to clip key chain to? I got spoiled with my other purse (wasn't a CC) and I always have to dig deep to find my keys at the very bottom! I do LOVE this purse and quality is top rated in my opinion! Looks like a regular purse and classy looking too! Thank you for being who you are! I looked at many other websites and didn't like the looks of their purses at all!

tigger guard cover

Like the trigger guard cover, fits nicely, secure, and great color. perfect for my daughter who carries in her purse with a block 43

Pusre holster

Love it. Fits revolver perfectly. I feel the pistol will be safe and well protected. Beautiful workmanship. Would definitely recommend

Love it!

It fits well and for such a small holster both my SW .9mm and .38 are really secure. The clip is a little prominent but not a deal-breaker.


Stick-On Holster

He loved them

Got 2 gnomes for my son's birthday. He thought they were great. Thanks.

Good quality finish on MOE!

My daughter loves her AR we built for her. She was able to pick out her color and being a 15 year old girl, decided on the "Muddy Girl" pattern. had it in stock for a good price. Fast shipping made it all the better. We have since assembled her gun and she loves it. I wish I was able to build my first "Black Rifle" when I was her age!


Again, I’m in absolute heaven with all my products I bought. This was easy to replace and instantly made me happy with how it looked. I might even get some more but different colors so I can change them out when the mood strikes..... maybe.. purple was my favorite and it didn’t disappoint.

Bright and Noticeable

I love that these fit my Benelli M2 so well, and they are bright and shiny enough that they catch the eye quickly to let people know your gun is in a safe position.

Julie G!

I’ve always followed Julie G. since I started to really get into shooting. She is an amazing ambassador for the shooting community! I’m so glad I can add her book to my library. It’s not just something you read and then put down, you can return several times for tips and tricks! Thank you for this wonderful book.


I’m absolutely in love with all of my products I’ve bought from GunGoddess. This bolt release lever was for my Benelli M2. The perfect amount of color to spice things up just a bit. It was very easy to install. The only thing I had to do was look up a YouTube video. I would suggest for future customers, that you use a barcode or a link to a how to video on the packing receipt. The reason I say this, I’m not a very savvy person when it comes to the small parts on my firearms. It was hard for me to find a video to learn how to do some of the changes for the products I bought. It would be nice to have had instructions so that I knew I was doing it correctly. That’s it! I have loved everything I’ve bought, and the customer service is absolutely top notch. Really respectful people and very considerate and helpful! I’ll contin to buy my products when I can from them!

Handguard, Rails, Cerakote, Communication

Beautiful handguad and rail. Unsurpassed craftsmanship in the intricate details. From start to finish of this transaction, I received emails and phone calls from this Company giving me updates, asking about color choice, etc. And talking about the details. I have never had a Company that was so interested in making the customer the priority. Cannot wait to do business with them again!

This one really works

I wear dresses to work. I bought the garter belt and thigh holster. It is comfortable! I've tried it with even slimmer fitting dresses and it doesn't show. I carry a 6.5 gun which is the max-size for the classic. You do have to learn to do the hook and eyes on the belt behind you if you wear as a cross draw but I've mastered it. Haha I'm skipping the picture from me!

Bucket tote

I got for my wife, she loves it and carries it with a glock 43 and spare mag. She travels all week for work and I feel better knowing she carrying her firearm instead of leaving in her car. The purse is very well made and has plenty of room for her essentials. She's happy so I'm happy. Thanks

Mag release

Much better than stock

Nice holster

Good holster
Comfortable on hip
Good tension
Very beautiful!


Love the comfortable feel, BEAUTIFUL artwork (and quick delivery). Wondering if you're going to have this design available in long sleeves!

Love it !

I am very happy with my new CC crossbody purse. Planning to buy more colors.

Great holster

Needed a holster for my EDC bag that had Velcro and these worked perfect! Great fit. Def recommendif you need a Velcro holster.


I really do like the concealed carry purse. The only problem is, I did not find a handle long enough for cross-over wear, just a short one. I think I would like to wear it as a cross-over as it would keep a thief from grabbing off my shoulder. Otherwise, I like everything about it. Could you possibly send the longer and let me know how much.

Lace thigh holster security

I do like the feel of the holster but it does not work with tights or panty hose. I will try it in the summer time on bare keg and see how it works out. I will most likely purchase the thigh holster with garter belt soon. Thank you

Great Bolt Handle

Longer than stock for extra contact. The purple looks awesome against the Max5 camo. Stock bolt handle on the Stoeger was hard to remove but the new one snapped right in. Great product.

Great Release Button

Large surface for extra finger contact and increased leverage. Awesome color with the purple on the Max 5 camo. Works great. For the Stoegers I had to figure out that you need to leave out the detent pin inside the spring of the stock shell catch. Great product.

Gnome collection addition

I have been getting my son gnomes for many years now. I ordered the angry garden gnome and gave it to him for Christmas not knowing he already had it. Exchanging it for the Gnominator was so very easy! Now he has a new gnome for his collection. I'm sure I'll be ordering again since his birthday is coming up, and you have such a great selection! Thanks for being such a great company!

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