About the Concealment Wing

The concealment wing helps tuck the gun grip in towards your body, helping to minimize printing and aiding concealment.

The wing comes with two risers. The risers create "grippiness" against your clothing. 

If you add the wing at the time you order your holster, the taller one will be attached to the wing and the shorter will ship loose. 

  • Use the taller riser for more aggressive rotation or with thicker clothing
  • Use the shorter riser for less rotation or with thinner clothing
  • Easy to switch out with a Phillips screwdriver

When your waistband presses down against the riser, it forces the grip of gun to rotate in towards your body, so it protrudes less. ie. it closes the gap between your body and the grip of the gun. The surface of the riser has grooves, so it's grippy against your clothing. 

The wing is most beneficial when using a belt or with a tight waistband (to provide compression against the wing). If you wear loose clothing or never wear a belt, you won't get much benefit from the wing - you need that compression for it to work. 

The wing is most useful when carrying in the appendix position(if your navel is 12 o'clock, appendix is the 1-2 o'clock positions if right handed and 10-11 o'clock if left handed). The benefit of the wing diminishes in other carry positions. 

    Our holsters are perfectly functional either with or without the wing.  


    Installing/Removing the Wing