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Training Drills

The Bill Drill: This drill will help you figure out how fast you can shoot while retaining your accuracy. It's great for either live fire or dry fire practice, and you can shoot it from any distance (we recommend starting at 7 yards). To perform the drill, draw and fire 6 shots on the target as quickly as possible. The goal is to put all 6 rounds into the best scoring area of the target (zero down or A-zone) while shooting as quickly as possible.









Transition Training Drill

Transition Drill: Here's a dry or live-fire drill that's great for both beginners and advanced shooters: Put up 2 targets (you can get our Fall Leaves target right here) and choose a leaf on one of the targets. From the holster or low ready, fire 2 shots at your chosen leaf, then find the same leaf on the second target and fire two rounds at that leaf. Repeat this drill 10-20 times per session and you'll see your transition times improve!












5x5 Drill: This is the new 5x5 IDPA Classifier, which is based on a drill created by Bill Wilson. It's a great way to get a baseline on your shooting skills or test your proficiency.

All the shots are taken from the same distance - if you want to work your way up to 10 yards, go ahead and start at 5 yards. If you don't have a timer, just work through the strings and focus on accuracy. String 1: Draw and fire 5 shots freestyle. String 2: Draw and fire 5 shots using Strong Hand Only. String 3: Start with only 5 rounds in your gun. Draw and fire 5 shots, emergency reload and fire 5 additional shots freestyle. String 4: Draw and fire 4 shots to the body and one shot to the head freestyle.   





spring skills drill

Spring Building Drill:  This is a simple drill to shoot - just follow the instructions right on the target! You can start with the gun in the holster or at low ready, set a par time on your timer, or take as much time as you need to get your hits. 

Circle 1 - 5 shots slow fire

Circle 2 - One shot - repeat 5 times


Circle 3 - Two shots (double tap) - repeat 3 times

Circle 4 and 5 - One shot on circle 4, then one shot on circle 5 - repeat 4 times

Circle 6 - 5 shots with your strong (main) shooting hand only

Circle 7 - 5 shots with your support hand only

Circle 8 and 9 - One shot on circle 8, reload, then one shot on circle 9 - repeat 3 times.

Download the target here



shooting gun walkback drill


The Walkback Drill: This is a simple, but challenging drill that will help you increase your ability to shoot at distance. Place an 8” target (paper plates work great) at least 5 yards away. Draw and fire one shot, then take a step back and fire again. Repeat at least 6 times. If you miss, start over from your first position. If you are at an indoor range and can't move, set your target back a foot or two between every shot.









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