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July 08, 2020 1 min read

If you carry a gun, you need to be able to quickly and safely draw your gun and place multiple shots on target. The Two Shot drill will help you level up your skills and it's a perfect way to warm up when you start a practice session. Ideally, you'll shoot this drill from the holster, but if your range doesn't allow it, the drill can be performed starting at the low ready position (gun pointed downrange with your arms about halfway up and finger off the trigger).

Here's how to perform the drill:

With or without a timer, draw your gun and shoot 2 rounds at a target at least 5 yards away. Repeat at least 10-20 times per practice session, pausing for at least 10 seconds in between repetitions. Start at a comfortable pace and speed up when you can shoot at least 10 repetitions without missing the center of the target.
You can download the target here or use an 8" paper plate stapled/taped to a larger target.