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  • Curvy Girl Carry: Concealed Carry Methods for Full-Figured Women

    3 min read

    These days, there are more holster options for women than there have ever been, and women have more opportunities for different types of carry than our male counterparts. Even with all the great options out there, plus size and full-figured women can experience challenges when it comes to carrying concealed.

    Body types can vary widely and not all curvy women are full-figured in the same places, but there are certain methods that make concealed carry much easier for curvy women. Here are some tips that can help you solve your concealed carry challenges.

    Full Bust

    Women who are fuller in the bust may have issues with appendix carry, inside the waistband on the hip, and corset holsters. Sometimes even the bra holster can be a challenge, though there are many busty ladies that swear by the Flashbang Holster.

    If you want to carry inside-the-waistband, small of back carry can be a good solution. Another popular option for large-busted women is the Hip Hugger waistband holster since it can be worn high or low on the waist and be adjusted to place your gun in a comfortable spot on your waist.

    Not all full busted women are busty in the same way, so you’ll need to try these options and wear the holster around to see if it will work for you.

    Thick Waist

    Many ladies with a thick waist think they’re unable to appendix carry, but that is generally not true. We all seem to have this little “pocket” between the hip bone and the navel where a smallish firearm can be carried safely and comfortably. A bra holster like the Flashbang might be another good option if your build doesn’t force the grip of the gun to poke out. A Hip Hugger or corset holster is worth a try as well, depending on your build. Just remember to practice drawing from them (with an empty gun) before you make them your concealed carry choice.

    Wide Hips

    For those with wide hips, carrying anything around your waist or on a belt in any position other than the front or appendix can be challenging due to hips affecting the cant or angle of the gun. Ladies with hips may find that belt holsters cause the grip to dig into their waist, while the muzzle sticks out, making concealing the handgun kind of a problem.

    Appendix carry with an inside-the-waistband holster is often a good choice for girls with curvy hips because you’re avoiding the hip area completely. A bra holster, like the Flashbang, can also work for the same reason.

    Purse Carry

    While the most women can make an “on-body” method of concealed carry work for them with some minor changes to their method, you may have tried these options and still feel like nothing will work for your body type.

    Remember that purse carry is always an option. You may have seen some strong opinions against purse carry, but having your firearm is always a better option than not having your firearm when you need one. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of carrying off-body, take a look at our tips for carrying concealed with a purse to help you make the transition.

    Carry Methods for Any Shape

    If you want to keep your gun on your body, there are some carry methods that work regardless of your shape or size. Thigh holsters can be a good choice for any curvy woman, just remember they function best with smaller guns (sub-compact and micro). Another method that’s been making a comeback recently is shoulder holster carry, a versatile option that can be adjusted to work for many body types.

    Some Final Tips

    Regardless of which method you choose, it’s important that you purchase a quality product. You’ve made a financial investment in your firearm for personal safety - don’t cancel that out by using a cheaply made holster. Make sure the holster you choose is safe, that it doesn’t allow the firearm to fall out with movement and that it covers and protects the trigger.

    Any time you change your method of carry or holster, make sure that you practice with it! Spend some time with whatever method you choose and an empty gun (no ammunition even in the room with you) practicing your draw until you are absolutely sure you are drawing safely. It’s also a good idea to wear it around the house to get used to the feel and see how it performs while you are moving around.

    Just because you’re a full-figured beauty doesn’t mean your options are limited. We have a terrific 30-day return policy at GunGoddess.com, so get a high-quality holster and give it a try. You might be surprised at just how easy it is to carry your gun all the time!



    Original article by Tracey Hughes for GunGoddess

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