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Dene Adams Corset Holster  - Lace Opal Dene Adams Corset - Essentials Black Zipper - with zipper closure Dene Adams Corset Holster  - Essentials Natural Black Zipper Corset available through size 4X! Dene Adams Corset Holster - Essentials Black Zipper - side Dene Adams Corset Holster  - Essentials Natural Dene Adams Corset Holster  - Essentials Natural Dene Adams Corset Holster  - Lace Opal Dene Adams Corset Holster  - Lace Opal - side Dene Adams Corset Holster - Lace Opal Dene Adams Corset Holster  - Essentials Natural - side Dene Adams Corset Holster  - Essentials Black Zipper Black Zipper Corset available through size 4X! Dene Adams Corset Holster Trigger Guard Insert - included Lace Midnight with Trigger Guard Insert (Included)
Dene Adams Corset - Essentials Black Zipper - with zipper closure

Dene Adams Corset Holster

Size Guide
Size Guide - Dene Adams Corset

Maximum concealment is achieved when corset fits snugly on your body. Compression from the garment pulls the gun in closer, while the holster itself is specially lined to smooth the rigid edges of your gun and mask its outline. Your corset should feel snug rather than too big - this helps with concealment too. So if you are between sizes, go smaller. 

Measure at the smallest part of your natural waist. Please order based on the size chart and not on any past corsets you may have purchased - product fabrics have changed over time.  


If you are exactly between sizes, go a size smaller.

If there's a big difference between your waist and hips, cinch the top on the tightest hook and eye row and the bottom on a looser hook and eye row. 

If you are short-waisted, leave the top two hooks unfastened and tuck the corners under. This works best for smaller guns. 

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Product Details

This body-shaping corset by Dene Adams accentuates your natural and beautiful curves!  This slimming holster design flows with your body shape, for maximum concealment and comfort.  The corset holsters are made with a sleek, lightweight fabric, making them smooth and concealable under any clothing. 

Carry your gun with confidence, knowing that your firearm is snug against your body and quickly accessible, if necessary. The holster pocket is specially designed to minimize the silhouette of your gun, making everyday concealment safe and easy. No wardrobe modification or added layers necessary.

  • Each pocket has a retention strap.
  • Extra mags, cash or a phone can be carried in the second pocket.

Each corset includes an exclusive Dene Adams® Universal Trigger Guard Insert. This is an ultra-durable and flexible insert that securely attaches to the inside of your corset holster pocket (left or right use), for peace of mind that your trigger is safely guarded. It is attached with an industrial strength hook fastener and can be removed when laundering your corset. 

Two Styles to Choose From: 

  • Essentials Collection ($99): Fabric has a slight glossy sheen and does not include any lace at all.
    • Essentials Natural - Solid nude color, closes with hooks & 2 rows of eyes. Dene Adams logo. This color available through size 2X.
    • Essentials Black Zipper - Solid black color, closes with zipper. Dene Adams logo. This color is now available in sizes 3X and 4X!
  • Lace Collection ($109): Smooth fabric with lace accent all the way around.
    • Lace Opal - Silver colored fabric with shimmery white lace accent, closes with hooks & 2 rows of eyes. This color available through size 2X. 

Gun Fit: Best suited for micro through compact-size guns. Full size guns will still fit inside the pocket, but more of the grip will protrude.

Comfort: The corset is made of a breathable mesh with a dry wicking lining. This draws moisture away from the body. If the weather is comfortable for jeans, you will be comfortable wearing your corset. 

 Order Processing Time - 1 Business Day

Customer Reviews

Based on 132 reviews

So far I’m really liking this. Obviously there are certain outfits that will print, but it’s very easy to conceal. I also did an insanity workout wearing this with my LCP 2 and it stayed in place perfectly.

Love it!

My husband bought me a belly band after I saw your corset and I hated that thing, it sat weird on my hip and would not stay in place,plus i have a metal allergy and cannot have my gun actually touching my body. The Corset IS awesome! Fits great and I can wear it under casual tshirts or my work blouses! And unlike the belly band the corset is designed to stay in place!!

Opal Silver/white corset holster

I loved the product, the quality of material was good. Unfortunately, I knew as soon as I looked at the small closures I knew I couldn't keep it. I have arthritis in my hands and just can't hook the tiny hook and eyelets. The ship time was fast and customer service great. I'll try the zipper version when It comes in other than black.


I looked all over for a holster that is both functional and comfortable, and I found it! I can carry and feel comfortable that my little ones won't accidentally get a hold of my gun, because it's on my body. I look forward to buying more products from this company.

So so

I was really hoping this product would be the one for me..I've tried everything and haven't had much success. The corset is really good quality. I'm 110 pounds, 5'1..the corset fits but it doesn't conceal my LC9. You can see the corset under my clothing and the gun :(

This is amazing products for women

I can't really say enough good things about this product. Is quality made its durable it's comfortable. I've been looking for something that I can be comfortable in and have very little imprinting with the way my body is made. I'm curvy I'm not made like a man and it is not my preference to have a concealed carry at a 4:30 position. And yet there's too much printing to have a holster in the appendix area for me. So I was extremely excited when I came across this product on YouTube. There was a lot of very useful helpful information. I personally think once a woman tried this she won't want anything else

Corset holster

I love my corset holster. Fits very well under dresses and tops. No bulges so it conceals well.

Great comcealer

This corset is awesome. Does a great job south concealment, however you cannot wear tight clothes without jut being obvious. On the other hand, the top does not have to be really loose either, the weapon is concealed easily under a tshirt.
My waist is 28.5 - 29, and I vascillated between a small and a medium. I went with the small and it is perfect. It is very lightweight and comfortable.
The only problem I saw, for me, when I put the trigger guard in and reached for my gun, a glock 9mm, my hand kept getting hung up between the guard and the material, so I'm not using it.
I got my daughter one as well.
I'll probably have to get another one!

Alluring Holster

Just recently purchased this corset holster and i love it. I have tried several holsters out there and none of them have worked for me. Being a female it is very hard to find a IWB holster that is comfortable and concealable. This Dene Adams corset holster is hands down the best holster i have ever had. It fits true to size, is very comfortable, and you can't tell i am wearing it. I have carried my Ruger LC9S and my husbands Springfield XDS 9mm and they both fit perfect and comfortably. I highly recommend this holster for concealment.

Love it!!

Seems to run slightly small so I would order a bigger size if you ate between sizes


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