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  • The Best Options for Carrying Concealed While Running or Exercising

    2 min read

    Carrying a firearm concealed during the course of your regular daily activities is relatively easy, but what do you do when you plan on going out for a jog or hitting the gym? 

    While you might be able to make a more traditional holster work, you may not be able to get good retention with a holster that's not designed for carrying a gun while doing strenuous activities.

    There are several good options for keeping your gun on your person while running or exercising - here are some of the most popular options:

    A Belly Band

    Hip Hugger concealment holsterBelly bands are incredibly popular with both men and women who are very active, and with good reason. Bands like the Hip Hugger offer lots of versatility and all-day comfort wear. You don't need belt loops to wear a belly band, since it goes under your clothing and you can wear it comfortably with leggings or other athletic wear. These type of holsters can even provide some wicking action, which will help keep you comfortable. Not all belly bands are made alike - make sure you choose a very sturdy band with excellent retention and extra safety features. Our Hip Hugger is a great choice because it's made of military-grade elastic, includes two rows of hypoallergenic, non-slip silicone to keep your holster in place all day, and tabs that make holstering much safer.

    Concealment Tanks, Shorts, or Leggings

    concealed carry concealment shortsConcealment clothing can also be a great choice for anyone who's engaging in any type of physical activity. There's no need to wear a belt and they can be worn with almost anything, including gym shorts and sweatpants. Our concealment shorts and concealment leggings are built specifically for a woman’s body. They are extremely comfortable, secure and yet conceal a firearm very well. Concealment tank tops conform to any body type and don't restrict movement, which make them great for running or time at the gym. They are also ambidextrous so they will work whether you're right or left-handed.

    A Holster with an Adjustable Ulticlip

    Adjustable Ulticlip Inside-the-Waistband Holsterf you're looking for a more traditional holster style, the Adjustable Ulticlip Holster is for you! This is a fairly new style of holster attachment that will securely attach to any fabric up to 1/4" thick. It will attach anywhere you put it, no matter where along your waistband you like to wear your holster. Using the Ulticlip with an IWB holster will give you great concealment with the ability to adjust the holster's retention.

    A Waist Pack 

    waist pack for carrying concealedconcealed-carry waist pack is perfect for those times when you're going to be active but still need to carry a few essentials, including your firearm. It's a versatile carry solution that doesn't scream "gun inside", and provides a safe and secure way to store your firearm. When choosing a waist pack, make sure that your firearm fits snuggly, but leaves you with enough room to quickly open it and draw.

    There's no need to go without your firearm when you run or work out- all of the holsters above provide a way to carry your gun securely while providing a high level of comfort during the times you're most active. If you need help choosing the right workout or running holster, please get in touch with us!



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