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These grips feature full-color, full-coverage images! Select a stock graphic, or submit your own for a custom set of grips! 

The grips are molded using a high strength, engineered polymer that provides toughness and durability.  They are decorated with a patented printing method that infuses the inks into the polymer grip material and provides one of the most permanent image results available today.  Unlike other decorated grips, the images on these grips are resistant to salt, oil, solvent, water, impact and abrasion.  The images aren't on the grips, they're in the grips. 

Available for: 1911 (all mil-spec full size , compact & clones), Sig P938, Beretta 92, Ruger Revolvers


Available Stock Graphics ($64.95) - Hover/touch to view design name. Click/tap to enlarge.

Semi-Custom ($84.95): If you would like initials, a date or a name to be added to an existing stock design (no color changes or extra text), select the semi-custom option.

Fully Custom ($112.95):  We don't create artwork from scratch, but we will work with the image/s or artwork that you want to use. Custom grips are $112.95 for the first set. Subsequent identical sets are $64.95 (we save the template).

Please contact us first, let's discuss your ideas before you order.  For more details on exactly what's involved in the custom design process, please check the "Custom Grips" button below. 

Steps for custom orders:

    • Send your high resolution images for us to review.
    • Once we determine that your image/s will work, you can place your order.
    • An electronic proof will be emailed to you within a couple of days of your order being placed. At this time, you can make changes, cancel your order, or approve the proof for production.
    • If approved, it takes about 10 days to make the grips.
    • Custom and semi-custom grips are not returnable.
Need ideas? Browse through these pics of custom designs!




FOR 1911's

  • Compatible with ambidextrous safety.  
  • All sizes except compact have a smooth texture.
  • Compact size has slightly textured surface. 
  • Will fit: All standard, mil-spec full-size 1911's and clones or compact 1911 
  • Screws: Your stock screws will fit these grips 
  • What size grips do you need? If your grip height is 5.25" (height 90 degrees to barrel center), you have a full-size grip frame. Less than that is a compact.  Full-size 1911 will have a screw hole spacing (center-to-center) of approximately 3 1/16”.  The same spacing on the compact model 1911 will be about 2 11/16”.  
  • The 1911 grips will NOT fit these models as they are not standard size: Springfield EMP, Star BM 9mm, Browning 1911-.380, Coonan Classic, MK IV, Ruger SR1911 Compact Officers Model 

FOR SIG P938: 

  • Compatible with ambidextrous safety. Grips have a slightly textured surface.

FOR BERETTA 92/92FS/96/M9 

  • Compatible with all full-size models in these series that have MIL-SPEC grips.  Grips have slightly textured surface. 
  • Will NOT fit: Model 92S, Model M9A3, 92 Vertec Inox, 92 FS Centennial, 92 Compact Models


  • Select "Ruger" to fit: The XR3-Red made from 1962 - 2004, the largest of Ruger's standard gripframes: Ruger Blackhawk, Super Blackhawk 4.5 - 6.5" barrel lengths with round back trigger guard, Single Six, Old Army, and Old Vaquero models. (Will NOT fit: Old Model XR-3 used on original 3-screw guns manufactured 1953 - 1962; Bisley and Birdshead gripframes; .22 Bearcat gripframe; or the Super Blackhawk 7.5" - 10" barrel length with the square back trigger guard).
  • Select "Ruger XR3" to fit: New Model Vaquero, 50th anniversary Blackhawk, Super Blackhawk with square trigger guard with barrel shorter than 7.5", Ruger Flat-Top Blackhawk, pre-1963 Single Six (Will NOT fit Dragoon models).
  • If you're unsure which Vaquero model you have, the Old Model has a serial number with a 2-digit prefix, and the New Model has a serial number with a 3-digit prefix (for example, 512-48556).
  • These stock graphics do not work on the revolver grips due to shape/placement issues, please don't select them: Digital Camo, Flaming Aces, Grim, Lavender Dagger, Pink Venom, POW-MIA, Scorpion, Silver & Gold Dragon, Veritas Aequitas, Zombie
  Ships to USA only. Only stock grips are returnable. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Kiel Bailey
Custom grips

They were very professional and sent me proofs to approve. They were willing to make adjustments and made recommendations as well. I would absolutely recommend them.

Freddy Lopez
RaiderNation Custom 1911

Just want to say I love my custom grips. Getting a lot of great feedback, even from non Die-hard Raider fans like me.

I just wanted to share some before and after's of my build with your custom grips. I also added custom gem screws, and a custom spring plug.

Thank you again from on happy Raider's fan.

Patrick Jackson
Apex Predator

Fast, simple and beautiful. Not too many options for well made, graphical compact 1911 grips, but these guys let you make whatever cool or weird (if you're into that) design you can think of.

Aydin Terzioglu
cultered grip pannels

Great quality, almost perfect but had one small issue. Making the design with them was very easy, quick, and responsive. Grips are very well made, one fit perfectly no issue. The other had one hole that was slightly off and the screw didn't go in smoothly. I fixed it myself by unscrewing and screwing it back in until the hole was enlarged on one side and now theres no issues.

james palumbo

Very pleased with how the Gungoddess allows me to adorn my pistol with my achievement