AR-15 Patterned Handguards

Availability: Ships FREE within 2-6 weeks (see product description)

Product Details

Due to current demand, processing times are as follows: Black/Raw - ships within 2 weeks; 1 Color - ships within 2-3 weeks; 2 Color - ships within 3-4 weeks; 3+ Color - ships within 4-6 weeks.

Turn your AR into ART!  These stunning, free-floating handguards won't just make your AR-15 stand out, they are also built to perform!  

They're precision-machined to provide a rock-steady platform that securely and accurately indexes all your rail attachments.


  • Constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Includes proprietary mounting system
  • Fits any mil-spec 556 upper receiver or DPMS style 308 upper
  • Pre-drilled and tapped full length for tac rail on top and bottom (screw size 10/32)
  • Barrel nut (.AR-15) is included (any armorer's wrench will work for installation)
  • Price includes Armor Black Cerakote or Raw (sandblasted & ready to paint) 
  • Made in the USA!

Size: Lengths available (depends on design) - 7" ($185), 9" ($235), 12" ($260) or 15" ($285). Some patterns with text don't work on the shorter handguards: Freedom Eagle, Molon Labe & We the People are not available in 7" or 9" lengths. 

Installation: Includes barrel nut and mounting screws. AR-15 handguard is easy to install with any armorer's wrench. For .308, it requires our wrench, which will also work with AR-15.  


Handguard diameter: Inside diameter of handguard is 1.75". This will work with any low-profile gas block.

Weight: Weight varies slightly depending on the design. But 12" handguards are roughly 8-9 oz and 15" handguards are roughly 10-11 oz. The barrel nut is 4.5 oz. 

Fit:The AR-15 barrel nut will fit mil-spec uppers and lowers with a thread pitch of 1.250" x 18 tpi. For the barrel, the inside diameter of the castle bolt is 1.05". The inside and outside diameters for the handguards are: Inside Dimension 1.750" (+/- .005") and Outside Dimension 2.000" (+/- .005"). Please check your specific firearm dimensions to verify whether handguards would fit. Or order a raw one, which is returnable. If it works, you can always ship it back to us for color application only.

Airsoft: Handguards will fit if it has a standard mil-spec threaded upper - the standard is 1.250″ x 18 tpi. 

AR-10: Handguards will fit if it has a DPMS Gen -1 Style upper with a flat face.

Optional Barrel Nut Wrench (+$28): This steel wrench is used to tighten the inner steel nut of both the AR-15 and .308 barrel nut. It includes 1/2″ and 3/8″ openings for your torque wrench of choice. *** If you order the 308 barrel nut, you will definitely need to add the wrench, which was specifically designed to fit the nut. The .223 nut can be installed with any armorer's wrench. **

HANDGUARD PATTERNS - Click/tap to enlarge.



Want it Cerakoted? The color choice is yours and we do it all for you! All H-Series Cerakote colors are available as an optional extra (+$35 per color)!

We need the Cerakote color name & number, so please browse the color swatches on the Cerakote site and locate that number using the link below.  Then just enter your desired color name & number in the field provided when you make your options selections (For firearms, H-Series colors only). If you need our input or advice, get in touch to discuss and to ensure that your custom handguard turns out exactly as you envision it! 

Please note that colored handguards are non-returnable. Only Raw or Armor Black Handguards can be returned. If you purchase a color upgrade and then decide to change colors after your handguard has been painted, we can do that, but paint already applied is not refundable and each new color used will be at the regular color cost, ie. $35 per color. 


MULTI-COLOR OPTIONS: You also have the option to create a multi-color custom look by combining any number of colors together. We will let you know if you select something that won't work!

  • Black is only included in the handguard price if your handguard is one solid color (ie. standard Armor Black). If black is incorporated into a multi-color design, this requires custom application, so black is not included - it becomes one of your custom color selections.
  • Bright Purple is a color that only works as a single color application. It does not work in multi-color applications due to its formula. For multi-color designs with purple, please select Wild Purple or Crushed Orchid

There are different ways to accomplish multi-color application:


If you already have colored parts that you are trying to match your handguard to, achieving a precise color match will be tricky. Even if the same color is used, every Cerakote application can have slight but noticeable color differences. We suggest trying to complement or contrast colors rather than matching. Alternatively, have all parts Cerakoted together - either get your handguard from us raw (no color) for Cerakoting elsewhere, or talk to us about whether we might be able to Cerakote your parts along with your handguard (depends on parts).

NEED TAC RAIL? Six lengths are available, designed specifically to fit these handguards. Get it here.

  Watch Installation VideoRead Installation Instructions


Customer Reviews

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Kala McGillicuddy

I am so pleased with how this turned out, I got two colors and the cut edge is pink. It is perfectly done! And the shipping was fast. I would for sure recommend this company and I plan to purchase from them again in the future.

Dustin Markley
Great product and service

The finish is great. My wife was really excited for the build to be done

Monique Williams
In love

Hand guard & heat shield. Came pretty quick and it’s gorgeous 😍

anton nedler

It came in a timely manner and the parts look great.

Great Handguard

Nice Nice Nice!!
I bought this as a Christmas gift for my wife. She absolutely loved it but, didn't like the fact I wanted her to assemble it.
Thanks again Gungoddess

Wow, better than I expected

Delivery was fast, and communication from GunGodess is phenomenal.

The handgaurd we received was ahead of schedule and absolutely exquisite. The color is exactly as we had hoped and my wife was beyond happy with the way the two tone colors were done. Outstanding work!

Ricky Hooks
Doing great things for there customers

Highly stock to have my custom freedom eagle. It’s a great opportunity to bring your AR to life but in a detailed aggressive style