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Burnt Orange heat shield shown with Handguard (handguard sold separately) Zombie Green Short Heat Shield Fits Under Handguard (Handguard not Included) - End cap included Red heat shield shown under GunGoddess Rose handguard (handguard sold separately) Snow White heat shield shown with Flames handguard (handguard sold separately)) Installed heat shield (Handguard sold separately) Bright Purple Red heat shield shown under GunGoddess Rose handguard (handguard sold separately) Burnt Orange (shown with Filigree Handguard - sold separately)) Burnt Orange (shown with Juliette handguard - handguard sold separately) Burnt Orange (shown with Lotus Dragon handguard - handguard sold separately) End cap with spiked sprocket End cap with flat sprocket
Burnt Orange heat shield shown with Handguard (handguard sold separately)

Rifle Heat Shield

Pistol length gas tube works with all handguard lengths
Carbine/mid-length gas tube work only with 12" or 15" handguards
Rifle length gas tube only works with 15" handgaurd
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Product Details

We've already made it possible for you to turn your AR into ART with gorgeous, patterned handguards! Now, add a pop of color under your handguard with this heat shield! These heat shields were specifically designed to fit the patterned handguards that we offer on this siteYou can view the handguards here.

The shield is designed to slide under the handguard and over the 556 castle bolt, and is attached using an end cap!  End cap will accept barrels up to 0.95" in diameter. Choose what style of end cap you prefer - one that has a sprocket with spikes, or a flat sprocket. Get it basic black or add any Cerakote color you wish! 

Gas Block Fit: This will work with all low-profile (0.75") gas blocks.

Heat Shield weight with end cap: Roughly 7 oz 

What's included: You are buying a heat shield with end cap and screws only. Handguards are not included.  Need a handguard? Get one here.

Pocket length for gas block on heat shields as follows:
  • Pistol 5.5″ from the face of the upper 
  • Carbine  8.5″ from the face of the upper 
  • Midlength 10.5″ from the face of the upper
  • Rifle length 12.625″ from the face of the upper

We will size the heat shield to fit your gas tube and handguard length (handguard not included).

If your Gas Tube Length is:

  • Pistol length - that works with all handguard lengths
  • Carbine length - you'll need a 12" or 15" handguard
  • Mid-length - you'll need a 12" or 15" handguard 
  • Rifle-length - you'll need a 15" handguard 


Standard heat shield is anodized black. Want it in color? The choice is yours! Click on images to enlarge and see more details about colors & patterns pictured. Heat shields are shown installed under handguards.

ALL Cerakote colors are available as an optional extra (+$35 per color) - we must have the Cerakote color number, so please locate that using the link below to view all color swatches on Cerakote's site. Then just enter your desired color name & number in the field provided.

** The orange color you see in the pics is a custom color called UAR Burnt Orange. If that's the color you want, just enter that name in the color name text field.  

    Color Changes - Return Restrictions
    Once you add any color, your heat shield becomes non-returnable. Only Raw or Anodized Black heat shields are returnable.  Color changes after ordering: If you purchase a color upgrade and then decide to change colors after your heat shield has been painted, we can do that - but paint already applied is not refundable and the new color will be charged at the standard color cost, ie. $35.


      Order processing time -  10 business days
     Ships to USA only
     Colored heatshields - no returns. Only raw or black are returnable. Color changes can be made with additional color fee. 
      End cap is attached with two screws inserted in the foremost tactical rail holes on the handguard, at the 12 and 6 o’clock positions.  **Only works with 556 barrel nut and 0.75″ gas blocks (not included).  Watch Installation Video


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    Great quality

    Quick shipping, quality work, very happy with this purchase and will be making another purchase soon!

    Awesome product

    I can't get over how great this handguard and shield came out. Thank you very much.


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