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October 31, 2019 1 min read

The Ball and Dummy drill is a classic way to overcome a trigger jerk or recoil anticipation, and it will help you learn how to follow through each shot. To perform the drill, get some Snap Caps and have someone else load your magazine, alternating live rounds with a few Snap Caps. When you're ready, start shooting controlled shots from 2-3 yards away from the target and do your best to keep the gun steady. 

When you get to one of the dummy rounds, you and the person watching will check to see if you flinched or jerked the trigger in anticipation of the shot.

Practice this drill until you don't make any extra movements when you fire a shot. Make sure to keep your sights aligned and on target, while you press the trigger all the way to the rear. The more you focus on your trigger finger movement and keeping the gun aligned, the less you'll anticipate recoil.

If you don't have anyone to perform this drill with, you can load several magazines with both live and dummy rounds and then mix up the magazines before selecting one.