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  • What Makes a Good Concealed Carry Purse?

    3 min read

    Selecting a concealed carry purse isn't as simple as casually picking out any fashionable tote and stashing your firearm in it. The process requires a thoughtful approach, a thorough understanding of your needs, and a keen eye for selecting specific features that set a superior carry purse apart from the rest.

    So, what exactly makes a good concealed carry purse? Here's a helpful list of things to look for the next time you go purse shopping.

    A Dedicated Compartment for Your Firearm

    First and foremost, a good concealed carry purse needs to have a dedicated compartment for your firearm. Why is that so important? First off, it enhances safety and accessibility. A dedicated compartment ensures your firearm doesn't get tangled up with other items in your purse, reducing the risk of accidental discharge. It also allows for quick, easy access in case you need to defend yourself, which gives you a decisive advantage when every second counts.

    A Secure Purse Holster

    Even with a dedicated compartment, a good concealed carry purse needs to be in a holster that can be secured inside the purse (usually with velcro). Some purses already come with a universal holster that fits several gun types. These are a good place to start, but they won't offer the same fit as a holster made for your specific gun, since they usually don't offer full retention.

    We strongly recommend using a dedicated purse holster built specifically for your gun model. These holsters feature velcro on one side of the holster and will attach to the velcro inside the purse.

    Security Features

    Having strong security features is another important aspect of a quality concealed carry purse. Some security features prevent unauthorized access to your firearm, ensuring that it's secure from curious hands, and others make it less likely your purse will be stolen.

    Look for features like lockable compartments, which provide an added layer of protection and keeps curious hands out. Slash-resistant shoulder straps are another good feature to look for. These are straps that have additional cables in them that make it difficult to cut the straps.

    Size and Organizational Features

    The size of your concealed carry purse and its organizational features can significantly impact its functionality. A good concealed carry purse will have enough space for your firearm and other essentials like your phone, wallet, keys, and other self-defense tools. If you regularly carry a lot of items (besides your firearm), the purse should also have multiple compartments and pockets for efficient organization. This lets you quickly locate items without fumbling around, which helps you maintain good situational awareness.

    Quality of the Material and Craftsmanship

    The material and craftsmanship isn't just an aesthetic consideration, it directly affects the lifespan and reliability of your concealed carry purse. A good carry purse will be made from high-quality, durable materials that can withstand everyday wear and tear.

    You may think that means you need to choose a leather carry purse, but there are several other options available that deliver both durability and style. Many concealed carry purses on the market today are made from high-grade nylon, microfiber, or even vegan leather, all of which are known for their durability and resilience.

    Making sure your purse is well-crafted ensures it can handle the weight of your firearm (plus your extra stuff) without falling apart. This makes a big difference in the ability to use the purse in the long run.

    Fashionable and Functional Design

    A high-quality concealed carry purse shouldn't compromise style for functionality. Luckily, the purse designs of today offer an impressive array of patterns, colors, and styles that let you blend your personal fashion tastes with your practical needs. Remember, the best concealed carry purse is one that you'll love to wear. The more you love it, the more likely you are to use it.

    Finding the perfect concealed carry purse involves striking a balance between practicality, security, and style. As you decide on your selection, keep the above factors in mind to ensure you're investing in a purse that best meets your needs while holding up the above standards.

    Remember, you're not just buying a bag, you're investing in your safety. That's why choosing the perfect concealed carry purse might require a bit more time and effort than picking out an ordinary purse.

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