Julie Golob's Tips for Purse Carry

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Julie Golob's Tips for Purse Carry

If you choose to carry a firearm concealed remember that YOU are responsible for your firearm at all times.  Many women choose to carry a firearm concealed in a purse. A valid concern with purse carry is control of the firearm. Your purse can be snatched away from you much more easily than a gun that is carried on your body. Because of these concerns, off the body carry in a bag or purse requires some specific attention.


  • Make sure your firearm and any ammunition (magazines, speed loaders, etc.) are secure in their appropriate compartments.
  • Do not place any other items like keys, makeup, etc. in the compartment that holds your firearm.
  • Keep your purse with you.
  • Never leave your purse lying around or hang it on the back of a chair.
  • Wear the bag containing your firearm or, if seated, hold it on your lap or firmly between your feet.

Because a bag can be carried in so many different ways, those who choose to carry a firearm this way need to keep some additional things in mind.


  • Take care when putting your purse down.
  • Place your purse within easy reach but not anywhere where it could impede with your driving.
  • Keep your bag close to you and never within reach of children.
  • Orient the purse so that you will have quick access to the firearm but also ensure that the gun is pointed in a safe direction.
  • Remember that carrying a firearm is a huge responsibility and that you are responsible for your firearm at all times.


By Julie Golob. Shared with permission. 

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