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How to Solve the Biggest Concealed Carry Challenges

How to Solve the Biggest Concealed Carry Challenges

We know that carrying concealed can be challenging and there are some adjustments that need to be made when you start carrying a gun regularly. We wanted to know how many people shared the same issues with concealed carry, so we asked all of our social media followers which of these were their biggest challenge:

Finding the right holster
Choosing the best body location to carry
Staying fashionable while carrying
Choosing the right gun
Something else

Here are their answers and the solutions, starting with the most commonly answered challenge.

Finding the Right Holster

By just a few votes, the challenge of finding the right holster came out on top. The best solution to finding the right holster is to choose a holster that is designed for use with your method of carry and try different types until you find the right fit for your body. 

We have a lot of detailed information about holsters in our Learning Center, here are some articles that can help you solve this challenge:

3 Things you Need to Look for When Choosing a Holster

Inside the Waistband Holsters: What You Need to Know

All About Outside the Waistband Holsters

Staying Fashionable While Carrying Concealed

The second most popular challenge is how to dress nicely or fashionably while you're carrying. This can be a particularly frustrating issue - how do you properly conceal your firearm AND wear the latest styles? You'll have to hunt a little harder to make it work, but it is possible. Try clothing with patterns and prints, which helps mask shapes under your clothing. For dresses and skirts, choose a fuller skirt and use a garter holster to conceal your gun.

Choosing the Right Gun

A close call for second by just a few votes is choosing the right gun for concealed carry. The easiest way to solve this challenge is to choose a smaller firearm that has been designed for carrying. You'll also need to make sure it's a good fit for you, so we recommend trying out as many guns as possible (indoor ranges with a rental counter are a great place to do this) to find the right fit.

There are more holster options for the more popular carry guns (the Shield, P238/P938, and Ruger LCP to name just a few), so if you've tried out several guns and you're making a final decision, pick the one that's more popular so you have the best number of holster (and accessory) options.

Choosing the right body location to carry

The third biggest challenge is choosing the right location on your body to carry a gun. This is dependent on your body type and method of carry, so experimentation is recommended. If you've tried carrying with a traditional on-body holster (inside or outside the waistband), it's time to look at alternative holster styles. Take a look at this article to learn about these alternatives in more detail. If you're a curvy girl, here's an article that will help you find the best location on your body.

Additional Challenges

Some of our followers told us about other challenges they face when carrying concealed, including figuring out how to keep from printing, finding the right belt, and dealing with the heat and sweat while carrying. To help with printing, try A-frame shirts or blouses or cover your sides in style with a button-up or kimono cardigan. take a look at this article for finding the right belt, and for carrying when it's really hot, consider a concealed carry purse.

If you have a question about carrying concealed, please don't hesitate to contact us. For more tips on carrying concealed, browse our concealed carry tips!

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