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How to Buy a Good Gun Belt

December 06, 2018 3 min read

You already know that using a safe, well-made holster when carrying concealed is important, but did you know that using a proper gun belt is just as important? Using the wrong belt when you're carrying a firearm can be more than just uncomfortable, it can be downright unsafe.

What's so special about a gun belt? Here's a guide that will help you understand why having a gun belt is so important and provide some tips on how to choose the right one.

What's a Gun Belt?

Proper gun belts are most commonly made from leather, nylon, or other synthetic material specifically made for carrying a gun on your body. A good gun belt is reinforced so it is much stiffer than the average belt and supports the weight of the holster and the firearm. 

a proper gun belt

A good, stiff, quality gun belt balances the weight around the circumference of the belt so it will not sag, droop or pull to one side. It will support the weight, which acts as a sturdy foundation for both holster and handgun.

A good gun belt is made sturdy by several means. Some of them are a single thick layer of leather or nylon, while others are a double layer, double stitched. Other gun belts actually include a reinforcement material of some sort sandwiched between two layers of leather or nylon.

Another feature of many gun belts is a sturdy fastener or buckle that allows for a tighter cinching of your belt. This is a really important feature to make sure your gun sits in the right place on your waist and stays there.

Why Should You Use a Gun Belt?

A regular belt can stretch to the point that there is no way to tighten it enough to hold your holster securely. And as the gun begins to slide down your side under its own weight, you run the risk of the firearm showing from underneath your shirt or jacket if you were trying to conceal. Having the belt stretch and sag can also create an unsafe drawing condition. Plus, it can be painfully uncomfortable to have all the weight pulling to one side.

not a gun beltHave you ever tried to use a regular belt you happened to have in your closet? If so, the weight of the holster and gun likely caused the belt to pull and sag, so that you felt like you were carrying a dead weight on your gun side. A regular off the rack belt will not support and distribute the weight of your handgun, or even just the holster.

Gun Belt Options

Now that you know what a gun belt is and why you need one, let's talk options!

Leather Gun Belts:

This Leather Gun Belt offers two layers of genuine cowhide that will not stretch out and will provide all the support you need. You can even add a little personal touch by choosing your thread color!

The Contoured Holster Belt is very comfortable because it's designed to fit the female body shape - the contour helps the belt to lie flat and to not gape in the back.

Nylon and Synthetic Gun Belts:

The Ultimate Ratcheting Nylon Belt is perfect for competition, training or everyday carry. It features an easy release lever to ratchet your belt strap, perfect for making small adjustments throughout the day.

The Ultimate Holster Belt is also a one-size-fits-all everyday carry belt that includes an easy release lever to ratchet your belt strap, perfect for making small adjustments throughout the day.

If you have any question about gun belts, please get in touch with us so we can help you choose the right one!


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