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Trigger Guard Cover: Blood Red Trigger Guard Cover: Tiffany Blue Carbon Fiber Trigger Guard Cover: Solid Black Trigger Guard Cover: Arctic White & Purple Trigger Guard Cover: Kings Camo Pink Trigger Guard Cover: Purple Trigger Guard Cover: Peacock Trigger Guard Cover: Purple Carbon Fiber Trigger Guard Cover
Trigger Guard Cover: Blood Red

Trigger Guard Cover

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Camo patterns are printed on indicated kydex colors
Availability: Ships within 4 weeks

Product Details


These molded kydex trigger-guard covers are made to protect the entire trigger-guard area of your firearm.  They could be used when you want to carry your firearm but are not able to carry it in a holster. They also work great if you're staging your firearm off-body and want it immediately accessible but with a protected trigger guard.  

We include 2 feet of black paracord attached to the kydex holster, to aid in the removal of the cover.  Simply jerk down on the cord and the cover comes off the trigger guard or attach the cord to something firm and pull the firearm away from the cover.


More than 250 gun models to choose from, but this holster style is not available for models with lasers or lights as this minimalist design does not support the extra weight.


Select basic black, or pick a color or pattern and make it your own! 

TIP - Adjusting retention: If you prefer a looser fit for your cover, put your gun in a food storage bag (or any thick plastic bag). Insert your gun and bag into the cover. Using a hair dryer gently warm the cover until you feel it begin to relax. Allow the cover to cool with the gun and bag still inside it.

CHOOSE YOUR COLOR (included in price) - Hover/touch to view color name and click/tap to enlarge. 

Solids & Patterns: 
Camo Patterns: 


  Order Processing Time - handmade to order - ships within 4 weeks

  Limited Return Policy: We cannot accept returns on this product unless the holster color is solid black. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Love it!!

I absolutely love my trigger guard and now if I don't feel like carrying my Glock 43X on my waist, I can shove it in my purse and not have to worry about it. Thank you!


Useful in pockets and handbags. Very secure fit. Just brilliant. I’ll be ordering more. .


It's very hard to find even simple accessories for a Canik pistol especially holsters but this holster fits my weapon perfectly. This holster fits my weapon snug and very secure but when drawing the my firearm, the holster snaps off quickly and easily. Without any tugging, pulling or yanking on the firearm. It also came in the mail sooner than expected and I'm absolutely loving this holster!! THANK YOU GUNGODDESS!!!

Very nice trigger guard

I recently ordered a trigger guard cover for my Ruger. It arrived in a reasonable amount of time. It is black with a black cord. I am very happy with it.
It does a good job of protecting the trigger, and yet it will come off easily if you need to quickly deploy your weapon. I feel secure using it.

Great product

Nice thick material, fits perfect and completely covers trigger guard. The cord helps to pull it off in a hurry.

Perfect for a minimalist

This trigger guard is perfect for my Glock 42. Feels very secure.

Perfect Fit

This was for my Wife and it made her VERY HAPPY.

38 Lcr trigger guard

I LOVE this trigger guard. It fits perfectly and securely. However it comes off easily when need. Thank you for making this product!


Wonderful product my bp9cc is a great shooter but s/a 3 lb no safety. No I feel safe with vest carry or belt carry.


Exactly what I wanted, received sooner than expected also. I ordered a trigger guard cover in black to fit my H&K VP9 and in hindsight I should have taken advantage of the many different colors and patterns, I will be ordering again soon
Very happy customer