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These molded kydex trigger-guard covers are made to protect the entire trigger-guard area of your firearm.  They could be used when you want to carry your firearm but are not able to carry it in a holster. They also work great if you're staging your firearm off-body and want it immediately accessible but with a protected trigger guard.  

We include 2 feet of black 550 paracord attached to the kydex holster, to aid in the removal of the cover.  Simply jerk down on the cord and the cover comes off the trigger guard or attach the cord to something firm and pull the firearm away from the cover.

MODELS:  More than 250 gun models to choose from, but this holster style is not available for models with lasers or lights as this minimalist design does not support the extra weight.

COLORS: Printed holsters are not returnable. Only solid black is returnable. 

TIP - Loosening retention: If you prefer a looser fit for your cover, put your gun in a food storage bag (or any thick plastic bag). Insert your gun and bag into the cover. Using a hair dryer gently warm the cover until you feel it begin to relax. Allow the cover to cool with the gun and bag still inside it.

Choose Your Stock Color!

A heat transfer process infuses the pattern into the kydex, somewhat like a tattoo - very durable and will never wear off! For best color resolution, all patterns are printed onto a light kydex base color (arctic white, grey or tan). The base color is selected to best match the printed pattern. So the edges and inside of the holster will be the base color. 

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Solids & Patterns

Camo Patterns

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Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
K.J. (Nevada)

Fits The Rose like a CHAMP!
Thank you so much!

C.V. (Virginia)
Not my style

I really want to buy your stuff, but you don't make anything for a Canik mc9. I regret having to purchase from your competitors.

Deez!!! (Florida)
FN 509

Great trigger guard! A little too snug at first and was hard pulling it off. Breaking in a little. Put a nice diamond knot on the Paracord for easier removal. Thanks!

1ABNDT (Ontario)
Diamond in the Rough

After scouring the internet for a made in the usa quality trigger guard that had more options than just black, I was lucky enough to find

I purchased this item for a family member & they was ecstatic, so much so they will be ordering another one.

I was floored at the custom leather holsters & AR hand guards options.

Jessica D (Michigan)
Perfect fit

This was exactly what I wanted to be slim but protective to wear in my belly band. The fun designs to pick from were nice too. Would definitely recommend.

David Zeuch (New Mexico)
Love it!

Easy and safe to install, easy to use, and easy to remove when one's firearm is needed in a hurry. Great for pocket carry, which is what I use it for.

What more could one ask for?

Maria Diener (Nevada)
Perfect fit, safety plus!

Bought this so I would feel safer strapping my Kimber or Bersa to one of two belly bands. These are absolutely perfect, they do not bulk up the guns and add little if any weight. The fit is amazing, just tight enough to not fall off casually or when drawing but easy enough off when needed or when pulled away from the safety lanyard. I adjusted the length and hook the lanyard to a belt loop via quick release fitting and when pulled away from body while safely unholstering, they lanyard forces the guard to come off at the perfect time and not a second before.