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  • Carry Everywhere Tourniquet Pouch

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    Product Details

    In an emergency situation, being able to stop the bleeding could make the difference between life or death. We wanted a way to be able to carry a couple of basic medical essentials in a pouch compact enough to throw into a purse, backpack or pocket. 

    This pouch is hand-made and hand-painted! Your choice of red, painted exterior design: "Oh Shit Kit" with cross, "Ouch Pouch" with cross or plain cross with no text.


    • Made of durable, natural cotton canvas
    • Sturdy black zipper.
    • Plenty of room for other small essentials, if you want to add them. 
    • Made in the USA!


    1 x Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) by North American Rescue

    • The CAT is easy to apply with one hand, for treating yourself or another.
    • Official Tourniquet of the U.S. Army
    • Proven to be 100% effective in occluding blood flow in both upper & lower extremities by the U.S. Army’s Institute of Surgical Research
    • Includes reinforced windlass, stabilization plate, windlass clip and writeable windlass security strap
    • Featuring NAR's signature Red Tip Technology® elliptical tab providing added visual clues during application
    1 x QuikClot Advanced Clotting Gauze
    • Gauze is infused with kaolin, which forms clots in under 2 minutes, about 5 times faster than gauze on its own. 
    • Easy to apply and easy to remove.
    • 2 feet long x 3 inches wide

    Both items are made in the USA.

    Pouch Dimensions: 7" x 5". Stuff it full or fold it small!

    Need a more comprehensive trauma kit? Get it here.

    Customer Pics & Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    MG (Texas)
    Save a life, and carry this...it could be YOUR own life!

    Many of us carry an extra magazine on your person and/or in your range bag. Why do we not carry a tourniquet too? It should be a part of our inventory, as well as having proper training on how to use one. We know it can save a life, and that life may be your own. Having one with you or nearby within reach can at least stop or slow the bleeding until EMS can render aide.
    This pouch is PERFECT. It contains a tourniquet and a QuickClot sponge to stop the bleeding faster than the body’s natural clotting process. The pouch is red and visible. There is room inside to add a couple of bandaids and non-latex gloves too. It is clipped to one of my zippers on the outside of my range bag. I will be purchasing one for my son’s school backpack, and to keep one in every car.