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Patterned Thread Protectors

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These awesome thread protectors offer a custom look. Screw them on to protect the threads when an accessory is not being used. 

They're constructed from 7075 aluminum. This is the same high quality aluminum used for the upper and lower receivers of high-end billet AR's (less expensive AR's use 6061 aluminum). Each individual thread protector is machined using the latest CNC machines and techniques.


All pistol thread protectors:  0.4" Long & 0.6" Outside Diameter

All rifle thread protectors: 0.7" Long & 0.75" Outside Diameter

Thread Pitch:

All designs & all colors are currently available in the most common size, 1/2 x 28 for 9mm/22lr barrels (generally aftermarket barrels).

The following thread pitches are also available, in limited designs and limited color options: 

  • M13.5 x 1 LH (9mm & 22lr Euro/Metric - for Glock/Sig/HK with factory threaded barrel)
  • .578 x 28 (45ACP US)
  • M16 x 1 LH (45ACP Euro/Metric - for Glock/Sig/HK with factory threaded barrels) 
  • 1/2 x 28 (.223 & 5.56 rifles - AR15's and some AR9's - ** Please see important note below about AR9's) 
  • 5/8 x 24 (For .30 Cal Rifles - 308 AR10 - 300BLK AR - 300 WIN MAG, etc.)


Aftermarket Barrels: Most threaded pistol barrels are aftermarket. These are made in the US and use the US threading (1/2 x 28 for 9mm or .578 x 28 for .45).

Factory threaded barrels: New factory Glocks (also Sig & HK) that come stock with threaded barrels are made in Europe and use the Metric threading (13.5 x 1LH for 9mm and M16 x 1LH for .45).

9mm AR's: Most 9mm AR's are threaded 1/2x36. We do not offer protectors in this thread pitch at all. However, a small percentage of 9mm AR's are threaded 1/2x28. If, in fact, you have a 9mm AR that is threaded 1/2x28, the pistol 1/2x28 thread protectors will NOT work! They will be too short and the diameter will not match the diameter of the AR barrel. So do not order the option marked as "US 9mm & 22 LR - 1/2 x 28". Please order a Rifle Thread Protector, listed as ".223/5.56 Rifles - 1/2 x 28", which will be longer and have the same diameter as the AR barrel! 

Don't shoot with these screwed on: When you are shooting, screw on an accessory or leave the threads bare. These protectors are designed to be screwed on when an accessory is not being used, to protect the threads. It is NOT recommended that you shoot the pistol with the thread protector installed. If you do, you should tighten it after each mag fired just like any other muzzle device that is not permanently attached or clamped down with set-screws.

AVAILABLE DESIGNS - Hover/touch to view design name. Click/tap to enlarge.

Note: USA Flag and Muddy Girl are the only two designs that have a synthetic colored band wrapped around the aluminum protector. These are designed to be primarily "for show" as the designs will wear over time. All other designs are 100% 7075 aluminum. 

 Order processing time -  2 business days


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