Neoprene Bellyband Holster

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This super-comfy belly band is made with Neoprene, which is so soft against your skin, it's used in knee and back braces. The premium-grade elastic holster pocket is flexible and will fit just about any pistol, up to a full size 1911. Leave your wallet or purse at home - this belly band comes with a spare mag pocket and two additional pockets that conveniently hold a cell phone, money, credit card, keys etc. A carry bag is included for easy transport and storage.


  • Unisex - perfect for both men and women
  • Soft, lightweight neoprene material
    • 5" wide and 0.25" thick
  • Ventilated - anti-sweat and breathable
  • Holster pocket has an ambidextrous design
    • Zero cant angle: best for positions from your navel to your strong side hip. Also works for small of the back carry. 
    • Premium grade elastic holster
    • Retention tab with snap closure
  • Secondary pocket for spare magazine
    • Has retention strap
  • Two additional open pockets for cell phone, cash, credit cards or other necessities
  • Super-soft velcro-like fastener allows you to cinch it as tight or as loose as you want it.
    • Wear it high around your waist or low around your hips
    • Wear it under or over clothes
  • Carry bag included for easy transport and storage
  • Lifetime warranty

Gun Fit:

Holster pocket fits small subcompact, compact, full size pistols and revolvers. The pocket is 5" tall. So the smaller your gun, the deeper it will sit in the holster pocket. This helps with concealability, but will require practicing the deeper draw. The longer your gun, the higher the grip will protrude above the holster pocket. The holster pocket can be swiveled to various positions along your waistline, so you can find the "sweet spot" that conceals best for you. 


Measure around your body using a tape measure, at the location where you plan to wear the belly band. 

Regular fits up to 45" circumference

X-Large fits up to 54" circumference


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        Customer Reviews

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        Deborah Bradshaw
        Great product!!

        I love this,I can wear it under my clothes and it doesn’t even show. I have tried leg holsters and others but nothing compares to this belt.
        It is awesome for anyone that wants to wear their gun on them concealed. I would definitely recommend this product. Also a great company to
        buy from, shipping is fast!

        Alana Kirkham
        Great Holster for flexibility

        I love how simple & flexible this holster is. It is so easy to adjust for wearing high or low. I needed something that can be worn with a variety of clothing types and for a variety of different activities. Some days I'm sitting at a desk, others I'm climbing up & down a step stool stapling things to the wall. I love that I can carry a 2nd mag & my cell phone all in the same holster, & everything is secure, but easy to get to. It's perfect!

        Evamarie Griffin
        EXACTLY what I exected

        PERFECT for these days and times. Free's up my bag and IS WAY BETTER for my back!

        Tamara Haase
        Very useful

        I paint murals on windows and walls. I like to wear comfortable clothing that allows a lot of unrestricted movement. I like the fact that I can put any size/style hand gun, plus my keys and phone in the Bellyband Holster. It can be worn in any position and gives my back added support, so it feels good to wear it actually! I like to carry my .38 because there’s no safety and just a hard trigger pull to shoot. It fits great in the Bellyband.

        First purchase - AWESOME

        I recently obtained my first fire arm and needed something to carry it in. Working on my concealed weapon certification. I bought a purse and a neoprene waist belt with lots of pockets. WOW, amazing service, fast shipping and really nice quality. Go for it!