Gun License Holder & Wallet

Kydex Color
Alpine Snow
Carbon Fiber Black
Citrus Orange
Gunmetal Grey
Leaf Green
Lemon Yellow
Neon Pink
Police Blue
Tiffany Blue
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Product Details

If you’ve been searching for a way to carry your handgun license and credit cards without the bulk of a purse, this is the answer!

These beautiful, slimline ID holders/wallets mean you can always have essentials with you!  So sleek, they clip easily inside a pocket or your waistband, or even the interior of your purse!  You can tuck a few folded bills in with your cards, or you can use the clip for cash.

 There’s room for up to 6 standard size credit or ID cards and the retention holds them securely in place until you slide them out.

Made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Anne F.
Love it!

I have been using this wallet for a few weeks now and I absolutely love it! It holds all my essentials, Drivers License, Credit card, Carry Permit, Legal Defense Card, and an emergency $20. I love the size, it even fits in the front pocket of my jeans (with the stupid little "girl jean" pockets). It's super simple to use and carry when I don't need my bag, a backpack since I'm still in the diaper bag stage of life! If I had a good reason for a second wallet I would definitely get another, and I keep recommending it to everyone I know!