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This Undertech concealment tank conforms to any body type comfortably and does not restrict movement. The fabric actually cools the body! It's extremely comfortable and will help you carry and conceal any size self-defense handgun.

Ambidextrous - works for both right- and left-handed shooters. Whether standing or sitting, it allows immediate access to your firearm no matter what you're wearing. 

There are two identical, universal holsters, one on each side.

If you have trouble concealing on your waist, this is a great alternative!

Size: Available in XS to 3X - check Size Guide above "Add to Cart" button

Made in the USA!

Customer Reviews

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Lil Momma Myers
This one WORKS!

After trying several carry options and being unhappy with them, I was very happy to find this comfortable and easily concealable option!
The only minor improvement ( I may just sew on myself ) is a loop or ring to grab below the holster to prevent the whole garment from pulling up when trying to draw.

Frances Mansfield
Awesome product!

Love, love, love the concealed tank top! Have carried a concealed carry purse for years as I had not found a way to carry on my person comfortably. I clean houses and am able to do that very comfortably. I carry a Glock 43, just wear a sweat shirt or loose sweater and no one can tell. Can easily wear with a skirt as well as jeans! Will purchase other colors when in stock. Thank you for providing a great, well made product!

Kendall Nichols

I love it


This concealment tank is amazing! I’ve looked at it for a few years now, but felt guilt to spend the money since we had other holsters. I finally decided to bite the bullet and get it, and it is 100% worth it! As a mom who always has kids hanging off of me, I feel comfortable knowing my kids aren’t able to get snagged on it. I carry my purse, toddler, groceries, etc. all on the same side as my pistol and never feel insecure about my weapon. It’s so great at concealing that I am now able to carry my Glock 43 instead of a micro pistol like I used to, which makes me feel even more secure. It’s comfortable, stays in place, has a nice smoothing effect, and is absolutely amazing. It far exceeds my expectations. Also, I have a bigger midsection and my pants are always rolling or being adjusted, so this solves all my challenges of IWB or belly band carrying. 10 out 5 stars - best way for women to carry!

Aimee Wolgemuth
So far so good!

I bought this tank top to try. Ive been having lots of trouble finding a suitable holster for me. (Im 5ft, large chested and 175lbs.) My job is extremely physical that requires me to move between pallets of feed, climb ladders, and so much more. Im allowed to carry concealed but most appendix or small of the holsters just make my pistol dig into underside of my ribs or dont allow me to bend and move like I need too. Ive been wearing this tank top just about every day for the last two weeks. So far Im happy with it. The only issue is that if I forgot to tuck it in the holster slides to high into my under arm. After a few minutes of my pistol (sig p365) being in the holster I almost forget its there!

Hannah Huemoeller
Love it!

I purchased a size XS and it fits me perfectly. I am 5’3” 112 pounds. My gun is perfectly concealed if I wear an oversized flannel collared shirt or jacket. Since I am so skinny and bony it is difficult finding a conceal carry look that is comfortable, isn’t too bulky, and/or works with my fashion/clothes. My firearm fits perfectly snug under the arm and I will probably purchase another one of these tank tops!


If you ever wondered? Yes is the answer. Buy this! I looked at them for months and decided to try it! Best decision I have ever made. The firearm fits securely (and I tried 2 very different guns) and had great results. It is comfortable and where the gun sits is not too high, where it would be up in your arm pit. I figured I would be uncomfortable but I was wrong. It is extremely comfortable and runs true to size. Love it!

So happy I could cry!!!

Finally, a comfortable way for me to conceal carry. I am curvy and wish I had the $ back i have spent on belly bands etc.. Already ordered another one. Shield 9mm with crimson trace fits no problems. THANK YOU!

Robisue Murray
Damaged item

I love the tank top except the hook was damaged on the secure strap. But because I love it, my boyfriend fixed it.

Great alternative for carrying!

Fit: as described. I am 5’4, about 145-150 pounds....40D. The Medium tank fits snug which is what i want. The fabric is very soft, smooth and comfortable. Feels breathable.

Holsters: the strap is easy to release one handed and draw the weapon. The gun (Sig P365 SAS) stays snug as I walk. If you want to carry an extra mag you need to stitch closed the other holster at the bottom.

Carrying: it takes getting used to the feel of a weapon there. Test different over shirts for printing before heading out. In one picture you see it printing from behind when i reach my arms forward.

I love options that allow me to visit a restroom without having to handle weapon. This, and the can can belly band holster both make me feel comfortable carrying anywhere.