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Athena holster (zero cant) in black leather & pink thread. Standard clip Athena holster (zero cant) in black leather & pink thread. Standard clip Athena holster (zero cant) in black leather & teal thread. Standard clip. Athena holster (zero cant) in black leather & key lime thread. Standard clip. Athena with 15 degree canted standard clip. Athena with Tuckable clip.
Athena holster (zero cant) in black leather & pink thread. Standard clip

Athena Inside-the-Waistband Leather Holster

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Product Details

Deep concealability is what the "Athena" inside-the-waistband holster offers. Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom, warfare, battle strategy, and heroic endeavors.  

The Athena is custom-made with genuine leather and your choice of thread colors. It rides low enough that the grip of the gun is only 1/4" to 1/2" above the waistband and is available with three clip options.

Clip Styles:

  • Standard Clip - Straight draw with no cant, perfect for carrying in front of your hips, appendix or cross-draw.
  • Standard Clip with 15 Degree Forward Cant - This clip position is best if you plan to carry behind your hip, from about the 3 o'clock to 5 o'clock positions. 
  • Standard Clip with 15 Degree Reverse Cant - This clip position is an option (personal preference) if you plan to cross-draw. It will cant the grip in towards your belly-button instead of away from it.
  • Tuckable Clip - This works well if you wear your shirts tucked in, as it allows your garment to be tucked between the holster and your waistband. 

Designed by a woman, made by a woman, for women (although guys love this style too)! 

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  Order Processing Time - Up to 8 Weeks - Handmade to Order

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Love my new Athena IWB holster! Fits my gun perfectly! Emailing with Athena to make it perfect and one of a kind was a great and smoothe experience. Will definitely recommend and order again!

Quality Product with attention to details

I really like my holster. I ordered a custom color thread and was a little worried about how it would look. You can barely see the color from a distance (good thing) but it looks custom and attractive up close (also a good thing) for me to enjoy. Gives it just a little girly flare. The fit was a little snug but I followed the instructions and put the weapon in a plastic bag to stretch it slightly and it worked great.

Beautifully made

Very nice, great quality.

Athena Holster for PT111

I ordered my wife an Athena holster for her Taurus PT111. The holster arrived faster than expected and was a perfect fit for her gun. With the 15 degree cant the gun sits perfectly on her back and enables a fast draw. The craftsmanship of the holster is top notch and I highly recommend this holster.

crafted to be smooth and sleek

This beautifully crafted leather holster is a gift to my wife. Desighned for the Walther PPK it docks and draws very smoothly and needs very liitle inside band room for concealed carry. In my wife's case its for the Walther TPH 22, stainless steel and exquisitely engraved, it fits like a gem in a crown. The crimson stitching adds the feminine touch to make it cute to die for (metaphorically speaking).


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