Amazing GunGoddess Chapstick (8-Pack)

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It's the chapstick everyone loves! Up until now, you could only get this at select matches or events. But we keep getting requests to make it available for purchase, so here you go... our GG chapstick is now available in an 8-pack for you to purchase! Scatter them everywhere to always have one on hand!

Flavor is Vanilla Bean.

Tube accent color changes periodically. Flavor and ingredients remain the same. 

You will receive 8 tubes of chapstick. 

Customer Pics & Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Patty (Georgia)
Fan for Life of this Lip Balm!

Some people have a kitchen gun, a shower gun, a car gun, etc. Well, I am one of those people that stashes lip balm everywhere around my house so that my lips always stay soft, even in winter. This is the first time I have ever inquired about ordering lip balm in bulk because that is how much I LOVE this stuff! It has a very light vanilla scent and is deliciously sweet without being cloying. My husband loves kissing me whenever I have it on so ... yes, please, give me more of this! :-D

Lisa B (Oklahoma)
wonderful lip moisturizer

What a wonderful product. This lip moisturizer feels so good on my lips. Not waxy or thick. The scent is light and reminds me of summer. The flavor is slightly sweet & not over powering. Love this stuff!

Alice Baland (Texas)
GunGoddess Chapstick Moist and Lasts!

When I was at the Dallas NRA Show in May 2018, a GunGoddess rep gave me some Chapstick as a gift with holster purchase. This is the best, most long lasting and moist Chapstick I've ever enjoyed. The Vanilla Bean flavor is mild, pleasant, UVA/UVB protection, wonderful ingredients! I'd used it 24 hours a day and just ran out in March, so was thrilled to be able to order a 4-pack on your website. It's a lip life saver! Please continue. Many thanks! Alice from Dallas

EWH (Florida)
Great Lip balm

I look forward to getting one of these at matches. They are fantastic. the vanilla "flavor" is so pleasant and the feeling is not waxy!