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  • Mirror Questions


    If I get the magnetic key option, will I be able to purchase an rfid for later use?
    Unfortunately, there is no way to convert from one lock type to the other.
    What is the clearance from the sliding section of the mirror off the wall?
    The clearance is about 1/16" off the wall since on the side that moves, the frame moves with it.
    Is there any fire protection rating on this? Waterproof?
    This product is made of wood and plastic and has no fire protection, no water protection, and no insulation. For these reasons, we require that this only be used on interior walls.
    What are the total dimensions of the cut out to insert the unit into the wall?
    The hole you need to cut to accept the inserts is right up to your 16" on center studs for the width and the height is 51". 
    Can a wrist band style RFID be programmed and used on the locks?
    The RFID locks used in this product works in the 125kHz range. There are many different key options available for purchase on the internet (such as rings, bracelets, and stickers). As long as you choose an option that also works in the 125kHz range, it will work on this RFID product. Since there is such a wide array of options available, we include the two most commonly used products out there. Just consider, if you do choose other options, the size of the key. Inside each key is an antenna which is emitting a radio frequency that is unique to that lock. The smaller the key, the more precisely you will need to place it near your lock, which may impede quick access. 
    Is there a backup method for entry if RFID battery dies?
    The battery is good for 30,000 lock cycles, so that should take a while. The lock will repeatedly chirp if the battery starts to die. If nothing changes, it will eventually default to open. No backup, so we recommend keeping the programming card and a spare key in a very safe place. We also offer key FOBs to keep a spare on your key ring.
    If we order multiple items, can the rfid be coded the same so we don’t have to have different fobs/cards?
    You can pair 50 locks to one key. If you order our RFID products, you receive 2 pre-programmed keys and 1 programming card. Use the programming card to pair more keys to that unit. You can have master keys paired with all lock.
    Can the unit be configured with a mirror that slides to the left? All the photo's I've seen and even during some of trade shows we've only seen it opening to the right side.
    The unit is exactly the same top to bottom. In order to make the unit slide left, simply turn it 180 degrees before fastening the subframe to the wall. If it is RFID locking, the lock will be in roughly the same spot. If it is magnetic, the lock will be on the bottom. If you would like the lock to be on top when sliding to the left, simply make a note of it in the customer notes on your order, and we would be happy to move it before shipping.
    I have two kids, will the magnetic lock stop them from being able to get in, or if they push are enough will they be able to open it? Is the rfid more secure then the magnetic?
    It takes quite a bit of force to pull the magnetic locking units open without the key. The RFID locks require even more force. In either case, you would need to break the unit and/or the locks in order to open them without a key. The one area in which the RFID is more secure is the keys. The magnet lock keys are not unique, so if you have a magnet that is strong enough (not just any magnet will work), AND you know that: 1. the unit is a concealment unit, 2. the location of the lock, and 3. how to use the key on it, then you will be able to open the unit. The RFID keys are unique to that lock, so you must use a key that has been paired to the lock in order to get in.