Battle At Sea Targets (Qty 16)

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What's the point if you're not having fun, right? With these targets, you're training -it just doesn't feel like training! Improve your shooting skills and try to sink all of your opponents' ships before they get yours! 


  • Each shot will “halo” white so you instantly know where your shot has hit.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • You will receive TWO Packs of 8 Targets each (not sold individually).
  • Dimensions 12" x 18".


Customer Pics & Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Nicole James
Fun for everyone

Really fun targets to use with friends. Makes practice more interactive. Good for pistols and rifles.

Fun target practice

Played this with my husband at the local indoor range - pretty darn fun !

Great Father's Day gift!

I bought these for my husband for Father's Day and can't wait to give them to him. I know he'll love them and it'll be fun to compete as his last comment about our shooting was "If she gets better than me, we might have a problem" LOL

rebekah larkin
Battle with the husband

I purchased these so that my husband and i could battle it out on the range. Even though i know i will lose, it will be so much fun to practice with these which was the whole purpose; however, he is a retired police officer so i really do not think that i have a SHOT of winning, but we will definately have an awesome time when i take them to the range next time.

Put some fun in your shooting

Cute target that can really show your accuracy. Fun playing the Battleship game against someone else. Also because of the small grid , you can call your shot like on a chess board.

Head to Head Shooting Fun

My boyfriend and I were very excited to get these targets, as we thought it would be a fun way to end an afternoon of shooting on the range. We set up two targets, not thinking it would take us that long with scoped rifles at 25 yards. Were we ever surprised when, 2 hours later, he took the final shot to sink the last of my Battleships - on the first target!

The targets were challenging, but because of the "gaming" element, remained fun throughout. We both generally shoot for accuracy, rather than speed, and this product definitely made us think about each and every shot.

We're looking forward to trying this out with different combinations of firearms for friendly competition with each other and our shooting friends.