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Half Concealment Flag

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Hidden in plain sight! This “half” American flag gun concealment case features a single hidden storage compartment secured with magnetic safety locks. It's sized to store most modern sporting rifles and common home defense shotguns, while still maintaining a small overall footprint when mounted, and allowing for fast access when needed. 

These high-quality, wooden gun concealment flag cases are hand-made right here in the United States. The flags are hand-painted and finished in a high-quality, lacquer top coat.  

To open the flag, simply disengage the hidden locks with the supplied magnetic key. An RFID key option is available as an upgrade. 

Inside the compartment, you'll find Kaizen foam. This foam can be easily cut into any shape/size you need. Simply lay your firearms on it, trace their outline, and cut for a perfect fit. 


  • Exterior: 39" x 14" x 4.25"
  • Interior: 36.5" x 12" x 2.25"

Included: Fully assembled concealment flag with magnetic key and mounting screws. 

Installation: This flag is a surface mounted storage solution. No cutting of the wall is needed. You're simply hanging a piece of wall art. 

Need more room? We have bigger flags with up to 3 concealed compartments!


How to Install

How to Cut Foam

Programming the optional RFID Key

Accessories Available Here - extra keys, LED light, foam etc.

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