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  • The Vulcan Vehicle Headrest Safe

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    Need safe storage for your firearm or valuables inside your vehicle? No-one pays attention to a headrest, so this unique headrest safe hides in plain sight!

    The Vulcan is a true automotive component. You do not need any tools, cable locks or cable tethers; nothing to hint that there's a hidden safe in your vehicle. There are no modifications that negatively impact your trade in value. In fact, it's a bonus storage area in your vehicle, whether it's used for a firearm or other items. 


    • Quick and easy installation
    • Universal fit to most two-post headrest systems
    • Steel lock opens with biometrics, keypad or a hard key
    • Locks into seat to prevent theft
    • Heavy duty 18 gauge steel safe
    • 16 gauge steel safe door
    • All automotive-grade components
    • Safety tested to FMVSS 202a standards
    • Safety tested for flammability
    • Available in leatherette or cloth
    • Available for left seat installation (US driver side) or right seat installation (US passenger side)
    • Make it a bundle - add a matching companion headrest (not a safe) for just $129
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee


      Yes. The unique, adjustable post system adjusts to any width headrest. This headrest replaces the existing one in your vehicle. Simply remove the headrest in your vehicle and follow the easy installation instructions for The Headrest Safe™.

      The compartment is 8.00" high by 6.00" wide by 11.00" deep.

      There are three ways to get quick access to The Headrest Safe™.

      1. A biometric reader that uses your individual thumbprint or fingerprint.

      2. A 4 to 8 digit passcode.

      3. The tried and true method of a key.

      After unlocking The Headrest Safe™, you’ll pull down on the invisible seam. There’s no way that anyone could know it was there. And even if they did, there’s no way they could get it open without using one of the three methods to unlock! 

      Watch this Video

      Yes, it's like any other vehicle headrest and is fully adjustable.

      Yes. The Headrest Safe™ locks into place with a toggle bolt that deploys when inserted into the seat. Afterward, only the owner has access to remove it.

      Yes. The Headrest Safe™ has been tested based on the standards required to be met by original equipment manufacturers. It meets these standards, so you can travel with peace of mind knowing your Headrest Safe headrest is just as safe as your original.

      Click Here to download a PDF file of the headrest safe manual.

      Click Hereto download a PDF of the companion headrest manual.

      Yes. You must first unlock the safe, then you can remove the toggle from inside.

      Under normal use, the battery should last approximately one year.

      Ensure your Headrest Safe is registered with the manufacturer, using the unique serial number. Then you can contact the manufacturer for a replacement key.

      The serial number is located on the face of your lock, above the opening knob.

      Learn how to program your lock by watching this step-by-step Video.

      Learn how to reset your lock by watching this Video.

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