Raven Concealed Carry Cross-Body

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This Gun Tote 'n Mamas concealed-carry purse allows you to choose between a zippered horizontal, zippered vertical, or ripped vertical draw.


  • Sleek urban styling to carry light and concealed!
  • Designed for right or left-handed use
  • Slash resistant shoulder strap
    • Can be worn cross-body
    • Removable - easily clips on and off
    • Adjustable from shortest length of 29.5" end-to-end to a longest length of 52" end-to-end
    • Wire reinforced
  • Tumbled and uncoated full grain leather
    • Will become butter soft within weeks of use, yet very durable
    • Leather outside zipper pulls
  • Includes holster
  • Lays flat against the body
  • Outside front vertical zippered pocket
  • Outside top pocket for cell phone
  • Front zippered compartment holds daily necessities
    • 3 inside open pockets
    • Removable key ring
  • Overall bag size: 7.5" wide x 9.25" tall x 2.25" deep
  • Gun compartment size: 7" wide x 8.5" tall
    • Zipper opening: opens on all three sides
  • Phone pocket is 5.5" x 7" - fits up to an iPhone Plus

Color: Several colors are available. The Indigo and Distressed Grey Buffalo are priced differently as those two colors only have RFID protection sewn into the bag lining.

Reviewed in [S.W.A.T. Magazine 2012]  

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Customer Reviews

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Just what I wanted

Love the crossbody I bought. It's perfect in everyway and exactly what I was looking for. Love the feel of the distressed buffalo, so soft. The strap is sturdy and built to last. LOVE LOVE LOVE that I can protect and defend if ever needed without being obvious about what's in my bag. Would recommend to all. Great product for sure and worth the price as this bag is built to last. Very happy with my purchase.

Best Crossbody Gun Toting Bag

Love the color, Love that I can carry my gun with no worries about it being seen or coming out unless I need it to! Lots of room for my other bag items!


Really love the cross body bag. It’s exactly what I was looking for. It’s discrete looking and goes with everything. Pocket sizes are exactly what I expected them to be. Shipping was quick as well. Thanks for a great product

Raven Concealed Carry Cross-Body

I really like this purse carries just what I want. I have tried to carry less but still want my gun at hand. This purse is ideal for me.

Raven CCpurse

We love the Raven purse. Good Quality and goes with everything. I like it so much, that I showed my friend. She loved it too! So I bought one for her for Christmas.
Thanks also for such great delivery time.

Good quality

Likes: seems to be of good quality overall. The strap is quite sturdy. There are a decent number of pockets and compartments. I do like the RFID protected section. It isn’t particularly fancy - it is more utilitarian. Those features are of big importance to me.
Dislikes: what I would call the “purse section” is a little too small for me. I wish it was as big as the gun storage section.I had to rid a lot of things from my previous purse, paring down what I carry around to what I consider absolute necessities and it is still a very tight fit for my necessities. Also, I would have liked for the RFID protected section to have credit card slots. Finally, I would have liked for the strap fasteners to be like the ones on my previous purse (Travelon Classic) which seem to be more sturdy than the strap fasteners on this purse.
Overall, despite the compromises I have made to use this purse, it serves the main purpose for it well (concealed carry) and seems to be of good quality. It is sufficient for my needs at a good price point.

First purchase - AWESOME

This cross body bag is so soft and great leather. I love it! It's small (which I like) but sturdy. I love the red! And it has a strap with cut proof cable inside.

Great buy!

All in all, this purse is exactly what I was looking for. I love that I have choice on gun carry position. The leather is great, strap is extremely sturdy just alittle rough on the neck, gun area is large, however I do wish the purse area was larger. It's a great buy for the money and I see myself getting years of use!

I love this bag!

This bag is perfectly sized! Fits me like a glove! I love the security I feel carrying my weapon clear and accessible! No one has a clue what is on my left side and inches from my right hand. You would never guess I am carrying! I have a friend who is near purchase and carry. She was blown away when I showed her this bag! Buy it you will love it!

Best CC purse yet!

I love this crossbody CC purse. I’ve been looking for something smaller and this is perfect. Plus the access to my pistol is so much more convenient! The strap is easily adjustable and the leather is buttery soft!