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AR-15 Patterned Handguards Patterned Handguards: Freedom - Lace - Lotus Dragon - Roses - We the People AR-15 Handguards in 13 Patterns - Shown L-R: Filigree, Lotus Dragon, GG Rose, GG Lace, Freedom Eagle Filigree AR-15 Patterned Handguards-Filigree - Blue Titanium Filigree - Black main body, White cut edge Flames 5 Color Freedom Eagle: red, white, blue, black, yellow Freedom Eagle Freedom Eagle  - 2 colors with special application Freedom - Black main body, Titanium on text only Freedom Eagle - white main body, black cut edge GunGoddess Lace GunGoddess Lace in Snow White AR-15 Handguards - GunGoddess Lace (Snow White & Robin Egg Blue) AR-15 Patterned Handguards - GunGoddess Lace (shown against orange background to highlight pattern) Hex Blossom - Do you see hexes or flowers? GG Hex Flower - H-197 Wild Purple Hex Flower - 2 colors (white with black) Hex Flower - Do you see hexes or flowers? Hearts AR-15 Patterned Handguards-Hearts Hex Juliette AR-15 Patterned Handguards-Juliette - shown in Crimson (Heart Pattern) Bright Purple Juliette - customer photo Juliette - red main body, black cut edge Lotus Dragon - shown in Bright Purple (Skulls, Dragonflies & Lotus Flowers) Filigree Lotus Dragon in Bright Purple (Skulls, Dragonflies & Lotus Flowers) Lotus Dragon - Graphite Black main body, Blue Titanium cut edge Burnt Bronze Main Color & Black Cut Edge on Lotus Dragon (skulls, dragonflies, flowers) Lotus Dragon - Graphite Black main body, Prison Pink cut edge Sig Pink Main Color & Satin Aluminum Cut Edge on Lotus Dragon (skulls, dragonflies, flowers) Shimmer Aluminum Main Color & Bright Purple Cut Edge on Lotus Dragon (skulls, dragonflies, flowers) Robin Egg Blue Main Color & Tungsten Grey Cut Edge on Lotus Dragon (skulls, dragonflies, flowers) Bright White, Pepto Pink, Black & MPST Grey on Lotus Dragon (skulls, dragonflies, flowers) Molon Labe Ovals Roses - in 12" and 15" GunGoddess Roses - black main body, crimson cut edges GunGoddess Rose shown in in Black with Red Heat Shield (sold separately) AR-15 Patterned Handguards GunGoddess Rose - Raw (Ready to Paint) Skeleton Hand We the People We The People (3 colors) Customer photo: Lotus Dragon in Bright Purple, We the People in Sig Pink & We the People in Safety Orange Charging We the People - Flag is at the muzzle end Handguard is pre-drilled and tapped, full length .556 Barrel Nut is Included Optional Barrel Nut Wrench
AR-15 Patterned Handguards-Filigree - Blue Titanium

AR-15 Patterned Handguards

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Product Details

Turn your AR into ART!  These stunning, free-floating handguards won't just make your AR-15 stand out, they are also built to perform!  They're precision-machined to provide a rock-steady platform that securely and accurately indexes all your rail attachments.


  • Constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Includes proprietary mounting system
  • Fits any mil-spec 556 upper receiver or DPMS style 308 upper
  • Pre-drilled and tapped full length for tac rail on top and bottom (screw size 10/32)
  • Barrel nut (.556) is included (any armorer's wrench will work)
  • Price includes Armor Black Cerakote or Raw (ready to paint) Handguard. 

Patterns:Click the main product to enlarge, and scroll. You'll see a caption identifying each pattern. Note: Many handguards are shown against a heat shield or colored paper background in order to best highlight the pattern. You are buying the handguard only. Get the heatshield here.

Some patterns don't work on the shorter handguards: Freedom Eagle, Molon Labe & We the People are not available in 7" or 9" lengths. 

Size: Lengths available (depends on design) - 7" ($185), 9" ($235), 12" ($260) or 15" ($285) 

Handguard diameter: Inside diameter of handguard is 1.75". This will work with any low-profile gas block.

Weight: Weight varies slightly depending on the design. But 12" handguards are roughly 8-9 oz, 15" handguards are roughly 10-11 oz. The barrel nut is 4.5 oz. 

Installation: Includes barrel nut and mounting screw. Easy to install with any AR-15 armorer's wrench, but hardware & wrench are available as optional add-ons if you need them. 

Optional Barrel Nut Wrench (+$28): This wrench is used to tighten the inner steel nut of both the AR-15 and .308 barrel nut. It is made of steel and includes 1/2″ and 3/8″ openings for your torque wrench of choice. *** If you order the 308 barrel nut, you will definitely need to add the wrench, which was specifically designed to fit. The .223 nut can be installed with any armorer's wrench. **

Airsoft: These handguards will fit your AirSoft as well, if it has a standard mil spec threaded upper - the standard is 1.250″ x 18 tpi. 

Need tactical rail? Six lengths are available, designed specifically to fit these handguards. Get it here. 

HANDGUARD PATTERNS - Hover/touch to view design name. Click/tap to enlarge.



Want a fun color? The choice is yours and we do it all for you! ALL H-Series Cerakote colors are available as an optional extra (+$35 per color) - we need the Cerakote color number, so please browse the color swatches on the Cerakote site and locate that number using the button below.  Then just enter your desired color name & number in the field provided when you make your options selections. If you need input or advice, get in touch or ask us to contact you to discuss and to ensure that your custom handguard turns out exactly as you envision it! 



You also have the option to create a multi-color custom look by combining any number of colors together. Scroll through the pics to get ideas!

Please Note:

  • Black is only included in the handguard price if your handguard is one solid color (ie. standard Armor Black). If black is incorporated into a multi-color design, this requires custom application, so black is not included - it becomes one of your custom color selections. 
  • Due to formulation, a few colors just don't work well in multi-color applications, but they look fantastic as a single color. We will let you know if something you select won't work, but we do know that a color we love, Bright Purple, is one of those. If you want purple in a multi-color design, go with Wild Purple!

There are different ways to accomplish multi-color application:

1. Main Color & Cut Edge Color:

  • Suitable for 2 colors only
  • Make your two color selections, and let us know in the notes box which one is your main color & which one is going on the cut edge (see example below & scroll through images for more)  

2. Blended Multi-Color Application

  • Best suited to 3 or more colors, but can be done with two.
  • Just list your color selections in the notes box - there is no specific placement of each color, they will all run into each other (see example below & scroll through images for more)

3. Red, White & Blue Flag, Eagle or Specific Color Application

  • You can also select your own color combinations for application to specific areas. Example below: Stripes red with white cut edge - Stars white with blue background - Words white
  • Just list your color selections and let us know in the notes box exactly what color you want where. 
  • This type of application is not possible with all designs - we will let you know if your request is not workable
  • There's no extra cost for this, just your color cost. However, your application request must involve areas that can be taped off and sprayed, as in the example shown. We can't do detailed, specific color application to small areas, ie. any application that would have to be done precisely by hand. We will let you know if your request is not workable. 

** Important! Color-Matching: If you already have colored parts that you are trying to match your handguard to, achieving a precise color match will be tricky. Even if the same color is used, every Cerakote application can have slight but noticeable color differences. We suggest trying to complement or contrast colors rather than matching. Alternatively, have all parts Cerakoted together - either get your handguard from us raw (no color) for Cerakoting elsewhere, or talk to us about whether we might be able to Cerakote your parts along with your handguard (depends on parts).  

In a hurry? Want to save? We have a couple of handguards painted and ready to ship today. Brand new - used for display but never installed. No charge for paint plus additional savings!  See them here.

 Order processing time -  Ships FREE within 10 business days to USA only.

 Colored handguards are non-returnable. Only Raw or Armor Black Handguards are returnable. If you purchase a color upgrade and then decide to change colors after your handguard has been painted, we can do that, but paint already applied is not refundable and each new color will be charged at the standard per color cost, ie. $35 per color. 

  Read Installation Instructions

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
...The Right of the People to keep and bear PINK arms, shall not be infringed

Received a simply gorgeous 15" Pink Champagne Hearts handguard from Gun Goddess. Excellent workmanship, easy install. Built up a PSA-15 with Pink Champagne highlights to complement the Gun Goddess. I have a great friend who is going to love this. She already has the Pink Champagne EOTECH HWS rifle sight ready to install. More pictures when that is installed. Nice cap too.

Happy wife

My wife created a “piece of art” with this hand guard on an AR-10 platform! Thank you very much for a quality product and fast shipping.


Looks great on the gun. Wife loves it


Amazing product, excellent customer service at the best price made and shipped faster than their competitors.

Quality work!

Quick shipping, quality work, very happy with this purchase and will be making another purchase soon!

Very creative handguard

The Lotus Dragon handgaurd was very high quality, and a great step in "girling up" my wife's AR. She's very happy with the result, so I'm very happy. :-D The concept of catering to women shooters is great! There are more women getting involved in sitting doors all the time, so they need some attention like this. I also liked the look of some of your other stuff for me (next time).

Absolutely beautiful

I love the colors and design

Greay Product

Excellent service and craftsmanship

Awesome product!

I was a little skeptical, as I have never had a custom handguard before. Let me just say this...this is an awesome product. Well build, the cerekote came out great. It was easy to install with clear instructions. Customer service is top notch! I highly recommend this, or any other handguard from gungoddess.com. Definitely will be ordering again.

Wife loves it!

Well-built product. Pictures don't do it justice. Was concerned that there may be some structural concerns with so much surface area removed to create the pattern, but it is not the case. Cerakote application done very well by someone with a keen eye for detail. Well-worth the price.