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Shooter's Magic Eye Dots Shooter's Magic Eye Dots
Shooter's Magic Eye Dots

Shooter's Magic Eye Dots

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Product Details

Why do many shooters close one eye?   

They do it to overcome double vision, ghost images or cross-eye dominance - all of which can lead to serious accuracy problems.

Many shooters are affected by cross-eye dominance in which the dominant eye is opposite to the shooting hand, eg. strong shooting hand is right side, but dominant eye is left side. The purpose of the Magic Eye Dot, when applied to the lens of the shooting glasses over the offending eye, is to subtly prevent the eye from focusing, while maintaining depth perception and peripheral vision.

Dot diameter: 20mm

In package: One sheet of 20 dots, various colors plus 2 rectangular strips - see product image.


Standing in front of a mirror, place your shooting glasses on and look straight ahead. Simply place a dot on your lens, to cover your iris and pupil area. If your right hand is your strong shooting hand, you will place the dot on your left lens, and vice versa. 

Several color dots are included, to get as close a match as possible to your lens color. 

The dots  are thin, sticky vinyl that can be lifted off the lens and moved or reused. If this is done multiple times, the edges of the sticker will start to crease. But it's definitely possible to move/re-use/re-position. 

Which is your dominant eye?  Here’s a simple test:

Extend your hands in front of your face. Place them together to form a small, triangular opening with your thumbs at the bottom. Using both eyes, look through the opening and focus on a distant object. Maintain your focus.  Now close one eye. If the object disappears from the opening, your closed eye is dominant. If it remains, your open eye is dominant.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
perfect fix

these dot's are fantastic , easy to use and no more ghosting of the barrel from my left eye

Work great, easy to apply.

A nice variety of colors. Easy to use. Does the trick to block my dominant eye.

KWow, what service.

The dots arrived in my mail box practically the next day.
Price was great, same amount I bought them for 5+ years ago.
They are not easy to find anymore. Great on Pilla shooting lenses.

Why is the cost for these so high?

Product works for me, but don't understand why the cost is so high. Will probably create our own DOTS using Scotch tape which also works fine. Giving 3 stars due to the cost for how many dots you get.

Good product - Expensive for what it is

Shooting coach recommended this.
Googled it and bought it from first sight.
Later found it slightly less expensive and with free shipping..
Prob will not buy again

For me, a competition game changer

I was suffering severe fatigue from shutting my left eye (which I have done for forty years) and after long matches was driving home bleary eyed. Received these a few weeks ago, trained daily to get used to keeping both eyes open yet sighting solely through my right eye, and shot a five hour match yesterday with zero eye fatigue. While you will have to overcome your brain wanting to revert to shutting the other eye or switching back and forth just pile on the reps during dry fire and range training and you'll overcome this. Sheet had dots that perfectly matched the various lenses I have on my shooting glasses and unless you really look hard you don't notice them. Order was received promptly.

Magic Eye Dots

The dots are just as advertised. Ordering and tracking was made simple. Looking forward to using the dots.


Worked for me

Great for training

These dots are great to train focusing with your dominant eye.

Not for me

These didn't work for me, but they may be great for someone else with cross-dominant vision. They are easy to use.