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Gifts for the Competitive Shooter

August 13, 2018 2 min read

If you have a competitive shooter in your life, then you know that they are constantly buying gadgets, tools, and lots of other things to help them gain a competitive edge.

If you're looking for a gift for a friend, loved one, or family member that shoots competitively, finding something they need AND will actually use may seem a little challenging. That's why we put together this list - it will help you find just the right thing to buy for a person that shoots USPSA, IDPA, 3-Gun, or any other sport!

Training Tools

Live fire practice can get expensive! These training tools help lower the cost of training and help anyone that shoots get better:

SIRT Training Pistol - The SIRT (Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger) was developed by a top competitive shooter to complement live fire training. It's a non-firing training pistol with a laser that can be used for dry fire or instruction and it's been proven to increase performance on the range. 

The Dry Fire Primer Book - The Dry Fire Training book was written for anyone who wants to learn how to handle their firearms more proficiently. It covers lessons for incorporating dry fire into a regular routine and explains the "hows" and "whys" of dry fire so you can get the most out of your practice time.

Shooter's Magic Eye Dots - Accuracy is everything and these "magic" dots will help shooters who normally keep one eye closed change their habits to improve shot placement. It's a simple solution, but it works - the dot is applied to shooting glasses over the offending eye to subtly keep the eye from focusing while maintaining depth perception and peripheral vision.


Shooting competitively can be really hard on equipment and it's common for a shooter replace parts and pieces of their gear regularly. It's easy to make a shooter happy when you help them upgrade their equipment with these items:

AR-15 Patterned Handguards - Help them shoot in style with a custom handguard! These free-floating handguards are precision-machined to provide a rock-steady platform that securely and accurately indexes all your rail attachments. Plus, they come in lots of different colors and styles and can be customized to fit anyone's personality.

Oversized Bolt Handle for Shotguns- This bolt handle is oversized, which makes it perfect for the competitive shotgun shooter. It's long, easy-to-grasp and allows for fast cycling, which will help improve speed on the range. It also includes a touch of color for a little personalization.

Any of the items above would make a fantastic gift for a competitive shooter. If you're not sure about a particular item or need some gifting advice, just contact us and we'll be happy to help!

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