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November 14, 2019 1 min read

Did a friend, spouse, or family member teach you how to shoot? Maybe an instructor taught you how to shoot or you learned your marksmanship skills in the military.

We wanted to know the most common ways people learn how to shoot, so we asked all of our social media followers! Here are their answers, starting with the most popular:

A Family Member

By a solid majority, most of our followers were taught by a family member, with fathers ranking at #1. Grandparents were also a popular answer - many of our followers were taken out to the range by their Grandfather when they were very young.

A Spouse

Not surprisingly, a spouse (mostly husbands) ranked as the second most popular person. Some followers were taught to shoot when they were dating their spouse, and others learned after they got married.

A Friend

Coming in behind family members and spouses were friends. Interestingly, most of our followers who learned to shoot from a friend were taught when they were adults.

An Instructor

For those who weren't taught by a friend or family member, most were taught by a professional instructor. Some signed up at a local indoor or outdoor range, while others took a big leap by traveling out of town to go to a training class.


The remainder of our followers went it alone and taught themselves how to shoot! Once they had the basics down, some of the self-taught shooters went on to take formal instruction or get tips from friends and family.

How did you learn to shoot? Feel free to reach out to us and let us know!