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  • The Guns You Like to Carry

    9 min read

    Shopping for a gun requires research, and actually shooting the guns you're interested in. We are not endorsing any one gun over another, and we don't sell guns!  And of course you will not make a decision based on others' opinions alone. But the opinions expressed below, from fellow gun owners, make for interesting reading! Thank you to all who contributed - it started as a fun contest idea, but we realized it could be a valuable resource for others and wanted to share!


    I have tried my share of CC guns. When it comes to the guns, small usually means unpleasant shooting so practice becomes a chore. I think it all depends on where you are going to conceal. Here’s my $0.02 on the guns that I have experienced. I really like the way the Sig P238 shoots but the con is its a .380. I can’t wait to try the 9mm version (P938?). The M&P Shield (9mm) is fairly slim and concealable with the bonus of shooting well. The Kahr CW9 is a little larger than these other “little” guns but feels better in the hand and very accurate. The Keltec PF9 is definitely what I would call an OSG (oh S$%^ gun) because that is what I think of when I shoot the darn thing. It goes boom every time but….

    I love my Glock 26. It’s small enough to conceal well and large enough to be a fun shooter. I have no problems concealing it on body or in a concealment purse when necessary. I’ve tried the smaller guns and they just aren’t for me.

    A Glock 27 in 40 caliber. It’s almost or as small as the 9s and 380s but gives you 357 magnum like hits and not that much recoil. It also has more shots in the magazine than those smaller 380s. You might only get off one shot and one hit before something bad happens to you so you need the most powerful bullet you can handle. That’s this gal’s 2 cents and what I carry. 40s aren’t just for men, despite what some of them say.

    My carry gun is a Charter Arms pink lady.

    You need to fit to your hand and your body (for carry) but I love my Glock 19, 9mm. It has a consistent 5.5 pound trigger pull, enought weight for recoil not to be an issue. Glock being Glock you can mistreat it and still rely on it. And…you can get those sweet little slide plates! Seriously, it is not too heavy, has 15+1 capacity. I love it as a primary. For those days when I just can’t make a full size work, I used to carry a Ruger LCP .380, but they are nortorius for misfeeds. Even with a lot of practice that are hard to handle. I just upgraded to a Ruger LC9. Only slightly larger, 7+1 9mm, slim profile but with enough weight to make the recoil easy to handle. It is DAO and the reset is almost at the end of the tigger slack, but right out of the box it was sweet accurate.

    I LOVE my Colt Commander 1911 .45. Gorgeous blued gun with rosewood grip. I have nicknamed her Sally (Colt -Mustang – Mustang Sally), this way I can talk about carrying without saying in ear shot of strangers that I am armed. I don’t mind a little second amendment debate from time to time, just in the right place right time. With Sally, I can just tell my boyfriend, not to worry Sally will be with me.   Reasons I love this gun, I love 1911s, I get all that power in a .45 with the hammer automatically being cocked for me on every shot. I can get off multiple rounds fast.  Sally is a little heavy, but I don’t mind that unless I am trying to travel light. Then Whitney is with me instead. Whitney is my Smith and Wesson Bodyguard (hence the name Whitney) .380. Very compact and lightweight, but she has kick with that internal hammer. I have small hands which is perfect for this little gun.

    I bought my g/f a .38 special for self defense.She also really like my Springfield EMP 1911 in 9 MM.She didn’t like my Springfield Champion Operator in .45 ACP.She didn’t like the recoil from the 45 in a lightweight gun.

    I’ve been carrying the Walther PPKs 380 for years. Love it! It shoots way better than I do. : )

    Love my new Ruger LC9, powerful but light weight, perfect or carrying, the trigger pull takes some getting used to, mine has built-in laser, love it!!

    I say the S&W bodyguard for an evening out. Shield for more the casual wear.

    I currently carry the Springfield XD 9mm sub compact. All the XD(M) pistols are fantastic and fit a woman’s hand better than any I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried a lot). The newest Springfield – the XD(S) – will be the next one on my hip. After trying it at SHOT and again at a local range during NRA Annual Meetings in St. Louis, I know the .45 can be carried and fired, even one handed, with comfort and ease. They’re still working on getting the extended 7-shot mags out which makes the .45 even easier for ladies to handle and shoot well.

    Sig P230 or Kimber Ultra CDP II. I have been carrying the Sig for over 25 years, with no problems. I like the idea of having a .45 though. I have a full-size Kimber – LOVE IT! I now want the compact Kimber for concealment.

    I recently got the Ruger LC9 for Mother’s Day. I am primarily a Glock person, it’s still my favorite gun, but the Ruger is so easy to carry. The trigger took a little getting used to, quite a bit different from my Glock, but definitely doable. It is the easiest gun I have to break down and clean and so far has been very reliable. This gun is specifically for concealed carry and I am very happy with it.

    Shield 9 mm… I just got mine and absolutely love how it feels in my hands. I have arthritis in my hands, and I have no problem racking the slide whatsoever. It’s so slim, it conceals well.

    I’m switching from a Walther PPK 380 to a Glock 23 .40 Gen3. I went to the range last weekend for practice, and my girlfriend had just purchased this gun. Tried it out and it was love at first shot. This gun offers some recoil, but I found it to be a smooth shot. It isn’t too heavy, but balanced and solid in your hand, and has a standard 13-bullet mag (NICE). Loved it so much I went and purchased one the very next day. I was impressed with the handling, I’m not usually comfortable right away with a weapon, but this one felt like an extension verses addition. This will absolutely be my go-to concealed carry weapon of choice.

    I have an ATI Titan Stainless. It is a .45 ACP. I love the way a 1911 feels in my hand and this one was half the price of my husband’s S&W Pro Series .45 ACP. It is stainless so it has some weight to it. It is very comfortable for me. Plus, my husband told me to get the biggest caliber I can comfortably handle.

    I actually have two that I use for my CC. My favorite is the Sig P238 with a rosewood grip. It is a great little gun packs a powerful punch. It is small easy to conceal and when you are out running errands it is the easiest to conceal. My second on is a Ruger 9mm LCP. It is a bigger gun and I have found that since I have gained weight and now bigger it seems to be my gun of choice. It is a little harder to conceal but I seem to have no problem. I practice with both of them several times a month so that I am comfortable with them if the situation ever arises. No matter what gun you choose if you have the capability to shoot it before you buy I suggest that is what you do. But once you get the one you want you know just as well as I do the best thing to do is shoot it over and over and over again. Become comfortable with it. The more comfortable you are the safer you will be.

    Hubby bought me the Smith & Wesson M&P shield 9mm for my birthday and I love it!!! I can hit the target with it every time. Its small, slim, light, and easy to conceal. An awesome gun!!! I highly recommend it!!

    Kimber Sapphire Ultra II. Could anything be more beautiful or functional?

    I carry the S&W bodyguard! It’s wonderful!!

    The next gun I’m getting is a Colt 1911. A classic sidearm you can’t go wrong with.

    I love my springfield xd 40 I love knowing if I have to draw the thing will do damage if need be.

    I want to try the Kimber Solo 9mm. I have the Bersa thunder UC 9mm and Love it!Fits my hand perfectly!

    I really like my Raspberry Ruger LCP .380. It fits great in my Flashbang holster and you can’t see it at all while I’m carrying. The best part, it’s bright pink!!!

    For my CC I have a G26 (sub compact 9mm) and i Love it! I know it will fire every time even when i forget to clean it! I don’t have to worry about taking off a safety and lets face it when you really need your gun you don’t want to worry about that. But i also love the walther PPK.

    For starters I would try handling every handgun you can before choosing..and not settle for the one based on just price. I have several semi autos, but the one I would def carry everyday , all day would be the S&W Airlite 38 Bodyguard Revolver..with the internal hammer..comes with the Crimson Trace lazer higher on the muzzle, rather than down on the trigger..and will shoot 9mm bullets as well as the 38′s..I have been ‘holding’ it for a year now, at the shows and the gun stores..and haven’t found a better gun more suited to ladies hands and small pockets!  I am a practicing GunGoddess and the Bodyguard 38 will be my next purchase for CC!

    I recently purchased the Ruger LC9 for carry. It is lightweight, but still holds the power I’m looking for in a self-defense carry. I can wear it in the waistband, in my ankle holster, carry it in my purse or conceal it in a pocket. My work clothes dictate as to where I carry, and the size and weight of the LC9 help me to be versatile in my wardrobe choices.  I’m normally a Glock Girl, but didn’t like the fit of the Glock 26. The trigger pull on the LC9 is longer, but the end result is dead on!!  It’s a great fit for me, hope I helped!!

    I’m not one who thinks 1 caliber or gun or carry method is appropriate for all situations. Right now I carry a S&W 638, a Kahr P9, and a Kimber Pro Covert. I’m planning on Glock soon just trying to decide if I want it in .45 or .40. My favorite is the Kimber! It shoots so nice.

    My new favorite is the FNS-9. It comes with 3 17-round magazines. We took it up to the CCSP and had a great time with it. My husband also loves it. Taking it apart to clean is really easy, and so is putting it back together. I don’t have to fight the spring like I do in my Walther. I also have an FN Five-Seven that is a lot of fun, but it is a little bigger than the 9. My advice is take a look at all the FNS handguns.

    In my personal opinion whatever gun you carry is better than not carrying one at all. Now, I think a baby Glock 30 or 36, both in .45 acp. People say .45 is too powerful for most women. I say BS.  I think that you would be satisfied with either of those weapons. Semper Fi.

    Walther PK 380! It’s not extremely heavy and it fits in a moderate sized purse very well!

    I bought my wife a compact .38 special revolver with a receded hammer so it doesn’t snag on anything in her purse. Load it with hollow points and at close range you’ll see daylight shining through the bad guy b4 he hits the ground. Semi-auto = possibility for jams… jam=not good when bad guys come.

    I second the Walther PPS. I took a very petite female friend to the local fun show and went thru the different table and settled on the PPS. Fits her hand perfectly. Ordered 500 from Atlantic Ammo and hitting the range this weekend!

    Take a look at the Walther PPS 9mm. PROS: It is reasonably priced, dependable, easily controlled, very slim and has a standard size mag for concealed carry and oversize mag for target practice. CONS: Haven’t found any yet!

    For my CC gun I carry a Ruger .380 LCP. It is very slim, light and packs a punch. Very easy to carry in a pocket or in your purse.

    I have heard great reviews of the new Smith and Wesson M&P shield. I am saving for one myself. I wanted something easy to conceal on the job and off but I wanted it to be no smaller than a 9mm caliber. It’s nice because it’s slim and small, easy to pull back, Great for concealed carry. Check it out!

    The next gun I’m carrying will be a Springfield XDS! I’m thinking a 45. Small and compact, less than 1 in at it’s fullest point. I want something I can carry w/o it being seen.

    I recommend the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield! I have the 9mm and LOVE it! So easy to conceal, fabulous trigger and I am very accurate with it!


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