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We The People We The People Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History Don't Retreat, Reload! Don't Retreat, Reload! Don't Retreat, Reload! Gun Control, Use Both Hands Gun Control, Use Both Hands Zombie Killer Zombie Killer Zombie Killer
We The People

Etched Pendant

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Product Details

These pendants are hand-etched, so the lettering is raised. Bullet and projectile measure 2-7/8" in length.

Bullet and projectile measure 2-7/8" in length.

Chain is 24" stainless steel or brass ball. Also available as 4.5" stainless-steel ball keychain.

Each bullet casing is tumbled for several hours to restore a like-new shine, then etched, a patina is applied to enhance the details and then the casing is tumbled again, ensuring that no gunpowder residue remains.

We The People:

A recycled .308 bullet casing is etched with the iconic first three words of the Preamble to the United States Constitution, "We The People"

Hand-etched using the actual font style of the original, these three words are the beginning of one of the most revered documents in the world.

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History:

A recycled .308 bullet casing is etched with the wonderful quote "Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History"!

This quote is attributed to Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, a historian of early America and the history of women, Pulitzer prize winner, and a university professor at Harvard University.

Show your admiration for all those misbehavin' women throughout the last century who worked so hard to bring us closer to equality: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott, Charlotte Woodward, Alice Paul, Emily Pankhurst, Carrie Chapman Catt and especially the mother of the 25 year old Tennessee state legislator, Harry Burn, who had previously voted with the anti-suffrage forces and who changed his vote at the last minute at the urging of his mother, breaking the stalemate on ratification. On August 26, 1920, women were finally granted the right to vote.

Here's the letter Mrs. Burn wrote to her son:
"Dear Son: Hurrah, and vote for suffrage! Don't keep them in doubt. I noticed some of the speeches against. They were bitter. I have been watching to see how you stood, but have not noticed anything yet. Don't forget to be a good boy and help Mrs. Catt put the 'rat' in ratification. Your Mother."

Don't Retreat, Reload!:

A recycled .308 bullet casing is hand-etched with "Don't Retreat, Reload!"

Gun Control, Use Both Hands:

A recycled .308 bullet casing is etched with "Gun Control, Use Both Hands".

Zombie Killer:

Those zombies don't stand a chance! This recycled .308 bullet casing is etched with the words "Zombie Killer" in two fun fonts!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I love it. My family thinks it is very cool. Nicely done

You will love it!!!

I purchased this for my daughter and she loves it!!! When she doesn't have it on I borrow it and get so many complements. I know i should just purchase my own but when I went to order it I ended up ordering a different GG necklace instead..... because sharing is a good thing!!!! Now we have two different necklaces to share... : )

"We The People" Etched Pendant

I was co-organizer of the "Guns Across America" rally in Carson City, NV. The Monday prior to the event I saw this and knew I HAD to have it for the rally.

Athena was amazing in helping to expedite the shipment and I had it within two days.

I wore it at the rally and received so many compliments - and people asking where I got it. Of course, I steered everyone over to Gun Goddess and told them they had to order as I've been very happy with everything I have bought from her.

~Nadine in Nevada

Made a great Christmas gift

I am a late minute shopper when it comes to gift buying. I was down to the last few days before Christmas and I still hadn't decided what to get my dad for Christmas. I stumbled across your website after browsing the web. I came across this pendant and knew it would be a perfect gift for my dad. He's very patriotic and loved the etching. Also like I mentioned I'm a last minute shopper. I ordered this gift on the evening of December 17th and chose standard delivery and the package was delivered to my doorstep on the 21st. A++ for the fast delivery!

What a hit (no pun intended)

Not only does "We the People" resonate with me but when I wore this to the Gun Club picnic, it resonated with many people there also.


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