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  • Flashbang Bra Holster Videos & FAQ's

    I don't see my firearm model listed. Can it fit into another holster model?
    Unfortunately, no.  While some firearms from the same or different manufacturers may appear the same, the holsters are molded for the exact firearm you will be carrying.
    Can you make a custom holster for me?
    Unfortunately, no. 
    My Flashbang Holster is "riding low" and doesn't stay in place.  How can this be resolved?
    Please watch the videobelow to see how you can either "high carry" or "low carry". Carrying high and using an underwire bra will help. 
    The snap on my holster is hard to unsnap.  How can I resolve this?
    The safety snaps on the holsters are directional to keep them from ever coming undone accidentally. They can be a little tricky, especially when new. They do loosen up, so work them a few times.  if necessary, use a screw driver to pry on the tab end at first.  Make sure you watch the "Snap Tutorial" video. 


    There are handy tips and hints in here that will help make it easier for you to get your Flashbang ready to use. 



    If You Think You May Have Received the Wrong Draw Flashbang Holster, it's an easy mistake to make!  Here Are a Few Things To Check:

    Most important: The "dimpled" part of the holster is at the muzzle end of the gun!