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  • The Dry Fire Primer Book

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    Product Details

    Dry fire - practicing without live ammunition - is an essential tool for every gun owner who wants to learn how to handle their firearms more proficiently.

    It saves time and money while remaining an effective training method whether you are interested in guns for a hobby, for self-defense, or for competition.

    While there are many books that describe specific dry fire regimens, they don't always give you the information you need to use them best. That's where The Dry Fire Primer by Anette Evans comes in!

    It bridges the gap between "I've heard of dry fire" and "I'm going to be a dry fire maniac". Whether you're brand-new to dry fire or just feel like you could be getting a bit more out of it, this book is for you!

    Your copy is autographed by Anette.

    About the Author:

    Annette Evans picked up her first gun just over ten years ago "because every girl should know how to shoot." She started as a defensive shooter, became an instructor, then fell in love with competitive shooting.

    After years of struggling to get into and past the middle of the pack at matches, Annette was determined to be a better shooter. Practicing dry fire in a thoughtful way was a key part of her improvement from coming in last place to having a trophy collection that includes the USPSA Area 8 Ladies Production Championship.

    The Dry Fire Primer covers lessons learned for incorporating dry fire into a regular routine and making it effective for real results on the range. It explains the hows and whys of dry fire, so that you can get the most out of the many excellent dry fire programs out there. 

    Customer Pics & Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    M.H. (Texas)

    This is a must especially for the absolute newbie. The internet is overwhelming full of dry fire suggestions. Most stress their preferred product(s). This explains a lot. It gives a brief description of the main points of each type. I can now think about what type will work best for me. What I especially love is the stress on getting your mind set to distinguish dry fire from live. Living in a city, the stress on safety is my main concern. The stress on a major gun safety rules run through this book. Awareness of the direction of your bullet(s), where it will land and obstacles in it's path is stressed. No shooting at just any wall! Ideas are given to overcome this. A bucket of sand, a bullet proof item hung up and more. I now have the beginning of a strong and safe foundation for dry fire practice.

    B.C. (Connecticut)
    Writing a training program from this book

    This is great book to introduce any level shooter to dry fire. Most dry fire books are made for competitors, this one talks to every one. I am using it to build a course online for new shooters.

    Todd Nelson (Indiana)
    The dry fire primer

    Very well written. If you are new to dry fire, this book is for you