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Sticky Holster

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What's a Sticky Holster?

The holsters are for Inside-the-Waistband use. The smaller sizes also work well for pocket use. The construction of the holster uses the pressure from your clothing waistband to secure both the holster and the gun against your body. The Sticky Holster doesn’t come with clips or loops, as the “sticky” holster exterior adheres to your waistband, undergarments and/or your skin, keeping the holster securely in place. They are ambidextrous holsters with access for left- or right-handed users. They will adhere against your bare skin or against clothing. 

How does a Sticky Holster work?

The outside surface of the holster is a non-slip material that, with a little pressure, adheres to just about anything. That outer material combined with the inner closed-cell foam and the inner liner keep your pistol and the holster securely in place. In the pocket, it works like any other pocket holster. However, when you draw the gun, the outer layer adheres to the inside of your pocket, allowing the holster to remain in place while you draw the gun. As long as there is ample compression from your waistband or your pocket, the holster stays put!

With use and body heat, your Sticky Holster will conform to your particular gun, making for a custom fit. 

The Sticky Travel Mount (Optional)

Simply attach the travel mount to any surface using the included adhesive sheet - vehicle center console, motorcycle saddlebags, boats, night stands, desks - anywhere you want to have your gun handy. Then insert your Sticky Holster. The "sticky" connection between the holster and the mount means you can smoothly draw your gun while the holster remains inside the mount. 

Buy a Travel Mount Here.

What Size Holster Do You Need?
Scroll through the product images to view the fit charts. Select your size from the left column if you have no laser or light. Select your size from the right column if you do have a laser or light.


Made in the USA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My holster is starting to slip, what can I do?

If your holster is starting to slip, or is not staying in place where you would like it too, it probably needs to be cleaned. The best way to clean you holster is to use a rag or wash cloth. Wet the rag and put a small amount of mild detergent (we use Murphy’s Oil Soap) on the rag and ring out so it is damp. Simply wipe down the holster and let it air dry overnight.  This will help clean off any body oils and dirt and it will regain its stickiness.

How do I re-holster my weapon?

We recommend that you simply remove your holster from your waistband, or pocket, re-holster then put back in your pocket or waistband. This only takes a second or two and is the safest way to re-holster your firearm.

My rear sights are snagging at the top of the holster, what can I do to prevent this?

This may happen for a few different firearms, depending on your sights and the model of the firearm. You can take a small piece of cloth (cleaning patches work well) and place in the bottom of the holster. This will raise the firearm to your desired height, allowing the sights to sit above the top of the holster.

I have large pockets and sometimes when I draw my firearm from the pocket, the holster comes out with the gun. What can I do to prevent this?

The holsters work on friction when carried in the pocket. If you have larger pockets you may need to apply a slight pressure against your leg as you draw to get the friction you need to keep the holster in place.

The holsters say Modified for Laser on a few of the models - will they also fit lights?

In most cases yes, as long as the light does not hang below the trigger guard. If you are unsure, please give us a call and let us know the make and model of the firearm and the light.

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