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TriggerSafe is a unique, patented device designed to safely and completely cover the trigger of Glock handguns, AR-15 rifles and several shotgun models. It is designed to help avoid negligent discharges during times when we do not have positive control of a loaded firearm. 

Positive control is when we have our hands on the gun and we control the safety and trigger - eg. when we're actively firing it.  During times when the firearm is slung, being carried or transported, during training, hunting or at the range, TriggerSafe greatly reduces the chance of a piece of gear or other object making contact with the trigger. 


  • Snaps on in less than a second
  • Quick, easy and secure
  • TriggerSafe isNOT a locking device
  • 24" paracord included
  • Made in the USA!

Glock Staging Holster ($13.50):

  • TriggerSafe for Glock functions as a staging holster: Stage the gun in the home, auto or bag.
  • Also works with attached flashlights like Streamlight, Olight and Surefire.
  • Fits all standard Glocks except models 42, 43 or 48
  • Pairs well with household gun magnets

AR-15's ($8.25):

Fits all standard or slightly enhanced trigger guards (like Magpul). Do not use with any triggers that have a trigger shoe on. 

Shotguns ($8.25):

Fits Benelli M2, all current models of Remington, Winchester SX4, Stoeger, Ithaca, Rock Island Armory, Weatherby PA-459, CZ 612-712, and most Remington clones.

TriggerSafe s not a locking safety device and will not prevent someone from removing it and pulling the trigger. It is designed to cover the trigger and prevent accidental pulling of the trigger by gear, other objects, or by you.  You are ultimately responsible for the use of your firearm with or without a TriggerSafe  in place.

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