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Butterfly Outside-the-Waistband Leather Holster

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A gorgeous butterfly design is carved onto an outside-the-waistband, leather holster.  This holster is the same style as the Thrasos holster, just with the added butterfly design. Thrasos was the "Spirit of Boldness" in Greek mythology.

The holster has straps that wrap around the belt to secure the holster in place. It's small and compact, lying close to the body and ensuring greater concealability. 

There's a body shield on the back of the holster that covers the back of the slide, hammer, and rear sight. This helps when wearing clothing that you don't want the gun to be rubbing against. It also puts a protective layer of leather between your body and the gun.

Made to fit a 1.5" belt.

Designed by a woman, made in the USA by a woman, for women!

A comfortable holster, and the butterfly etching gives it an elegant, feminine touch! 

Personalize it - You get to choose your leather color and your thread color, and can upgrade the basic, included snaps to crystal snaps. 

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