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  • Contoured Holster Belt

    Leather Color
    Availability: Ships within 5 business days

    Product Details

    Why a contoured gun belt? Simple... because they're so comfortable, and so well-suited to the female body shape! The contour helps the belt to lie flat and to not gape in the back.

    This contoured gun belt has a 2-inch contour, is 1.5" wide and made from Premium USA single-layer bull hide that is not glued, laminated, or stitched together (the stitching is just for looks). It's guaranteed to never split or come apart.  The Chicago screws and fasteners make it easy to change the buckle, if you prefer a different look.

    Black belts have a solid stainless steel buckle and brown belts have a solid brass buckle. 

    Made in the USA!

    What Size Should You Order?

    1. Lay out a belt that you currently wear 

    2. Measure from where the leather wraps the buckle to the hole that you currently use when you wear your belt (see pic below)

    3. Add 4 inches to your measurement - that is the size you should order

    Don't have a belt to measure on?

    1. Put on a pair of jeans or pants that you wear frequently. These pants should not be too loose or too tight so that you will be able to get an accurate measurement of your waist.
    2. Thread a fabric measuring tape through the belt loops of the pants. Pinch the two sides together where they meet in front. This number will be your normal waist measurement.
    3. Check to make sure that the measuring tape is in the middle or bottom of the belt loops, instead of flush with the top.
    4. Read the measurement in the mirror or mark the point where the two sides of the measuring tape meet with a safety pin. Remove the tape from the loops and read the measurement. Add 3 inches to the measurement for OWB (outside the waistband) or 4 inches to the measurement for (IWB) inside the waist band. This is your belt size.

    Customer Pics & Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Barb M Jakubs Schmidt (Ohio)
    Awesome Belts

    I'm not a belt wearer ... I never have been but this one is truly awesome. The thickness of the leather is perfect ... it doesn't crunch or roll plus it has been made with a curve in it which truly is important ... ergonomics at its finest!! I originally ordered the black belt & then ordered the brown, so I have both now not that I wear shirts tucked in. I just really love the belts and they keep my jeans from sagging!!! LOL I highly recommend these belts ... they are definitely worth the price!!

    Laurie Hill (Florida)
    Best belt

    I hate belts and I love that this belt lays flat and does not gap in the back. The quality is great. I recommend it to everyone that asks.

    Lesa Tibbet (Idaho)
    Great belt

    This is the most comfortable belt I have ever worn. Very good quality. It does run a bit large though.

    Dk (Missouri)
    Pretty, regular belt; Didn't realize it didn't have reinforcement in it.

    The belt is fine, the contour thing is a good feature, and I wasn't sure what to expect from that, so that was nice. It's just a regular belt like all my other regular belts. It doesn't have a reinforcing strip in it like my D-Day Doll holster belts do (that manufacturer unfortunately discontinued making them). My mistake because I didn't read the details. I just "assumed" a belt called a "holster belt" would have the reinforcement, and I was wrong. Looks great, but I am concerned it will not last and it will bend under the weight of the gun over time, which I've been told by others that leather belts will bend eventually without that reinforcement. Customer service was good. They already were kind enough to replace the one that came that was giant on me, and quickly too, so I'm not returning this one. (I didn't even realize this until now since the first one had been so big I hardly looked at it.) If over time it works out and the leather doesn't bend under the weight of the gun, I'll come back here and do another review that it was a rock star surprise. But if it does bend over time, then I'll just chalk it up to more education on my firearms journey. I do have more things I intend to buy from Gun Goddess in the future and would recommend the company.

    NYDebbie (New York)
    Can I give it 10 stars?

    It's amazing how a solid belt like this one can melt around your waist and become unnoticeable. From the moment I put it on, it was comfortable, and I don't wear belts (but this one is necessary). I've always used pocket holsters, clips, etc., and this is the first time I've decided to go for broke with an OWB and I really like it. This is a quality item, worth every penny, properly crafted, and I think, classy looking, befitting a Gun Goddess!

    Kirsten Murphy (Ohio)
    Contoured holster belt

    Well made, rugged, sturdy. I put a double d Brass Buckle on mine. I use my belt pretty roughly so needed more security.

    cindy kelly (Washington)
    love the contoured holster belt

    love my new contoured holster belt. The quality of the belt leather, buckle is fantastic. The belt arrived per the scheduled date. I am looking forward to many years wearing the belt. Great product