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Your holster will be on its way to you within 7 days (usually less)!  

This holster is designed for use inside a purse or backpack gun compartment. It's molded for your gun model, so it's a perfect fit with audible, snap-in retention. The holster can be attached to either side inside the bag's gun compartment - works for both right-handed and left-handed users.

This holster also fits many of the universal fabric holsters, such as the Dene Adams Corset and the Can Can Hip Hugger. So if you want the extra peace of mind of having a hard-shell trigger guard to pair with those holsters (just personal preference), this holster will work!

Scroll all the way down the description to view colors and holster photos!


  • No holes, no clips - just the molded holster shell.
  • Adhesive velcro sheets (4" x 2") ship loose for you to attach as you wish.
  • You'll get 4 sheets of the hook (rough) side and 4 sheets of the loop (soft) side velcro (so you'll have a few extra's)!
  • Apply to one holster side or both.
  • Smaller gun? Cut & shape the velcro however you need to.
  • Holster has adjustable, snap-in retention.
  • Open bottom is perfect for threaded barrels.
  • Sight channel is cut to accommodate aftermarket sights and most standard red dot optics (like RMR & Trijicon), with no snagging.
  • Left or right hand use.
  • Made in the USA!

Most bag gun compartments are already lined with the loop (soft) side. Your velcro kit will contain 4 hook (rough side) sheets and 4 loop sheets. Although you will likely only need the hook side sheets for use in bags, the loop sheets allow you to get creative - attach to furniture, vehicles etc! You can pick up extra velcro kits at any time. 

      How can we ship it so fast? The holster is hand-made to order. By limiting the number of available gun models and not offering laser or light combinations, the production process is streamlined and super-fast!


        A heat transfer process infuses the pattern into the kydex, somewhat like a tattoo - it's very durable and it will never wear off! You have lots of color options: solids, textures, camo and specialty prints! You also get to choose your rivet colors - match them or contrast them with your kydex!

        Allow a few seconds for the pics to load. Scroll all the way down for pics of customer orders, but if you don't see the pattern you're interested in, browse a gallery of various patterns on different holster styles here (Specialty colors change often, so you may see patterns in some of the pics that are no longer available).

        Hover to view color name. Click/tap to enlarge.  





        CAMO (+$5)


        SPECIALTY (+$10)



        Can't decide? Get the Rivet Kit, containing 6 rivets of each color!


        * This is an awesome holster that ships fast! But if you don't see your gun model on the list, if you have a laser, if you are left-handed, or if you want your own uploaded design on the holster, search for this alternative printed kydex holster style (but it does take about 5 weeks to make): Customizable Purse or Backpack Velcro Holster.

         You can pick up extra velcro packs at any time from here.

         Unsure? We get it! Please email us before you order & we'd be happy to help!

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 6 reviews
        Sara Tilling
        love it

        love it works great 😊

        Marilyn Belanger
        Love this holster

        This holster is excellent and just as promised. It has great retention and fits perfectly! Definitely worth it!

        N. H.
        Love it

        This is a replacement for the holster that came with a carry purse. I like the extra stability the kydex gives.

        Awesome holster

        I am really happy with this holster. Fits my Glock 42 perfectly and the Velcro molded to it and is secure in my bag. On the body carry isn’t really an option for me, so this is the next best thing. GG is really great to work with also.

        Helen Dowsing
        adhesive holster

        I am very happy with my kodex adhesive holster. I use it in my corsette holster and my shorts holster, and feel comfortable that my pistol is securely held in place, no matter how I am moving. I did use a lot less of the velcro strip that was sent with the holster. There is not a large flat surface to attach the velcro to. However, just a small circle of velcro on the small flat surface of the holster has proven to be enough to securely attach the holster to the garment.

        Great holster. Turns your purse into a carry purse

        Wow! I could not wait to get this holster. I recently bought a purse that was not made for a firearm, but I wanted to carry my Glock 43 with it. I was very happy when I saw this.
        It just arrived, and came quicker than I expected. The holster is sturdy, safe and beautiful. It retains and protects the firearm nicely. It keeps the trigger safe.
        I got the Sabor design and love it. It goes so well with my purse and fits my tastes. The adhesive that comes with it, is very strong; actually stronger than you can buy at somewhere like Amazon. The holster stays snug in my purse, and doesn't move. I love this purchase and will feel confident when I go out and conceal carry. I have bought many holsters at Gun Goddess over the years. I am never disappointed. The holsters are well made. This was money wisely spent. This holster will make a great gift too.