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  • Razor Slim Electronic Earmuffs

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    Product Details

    Reliable hearing protection in a slim, low-profile design! Gear up for your next trip to the range with these Walker's Razor Slim Electronic Muffs. They feature a 23db noise reduction rating and sound-activated compression that protects your ears from the loud, damaging noise of gunfire and heavy machinery, while still allowing you to hear range commands and communicate with other hunters or shooters in your group. The slim, low profile design won't get in the way of your cheek weld and fits easily in your range bag. 


    • Ultra low profile ear cups
    • Two hi-gain omni directional microphones
    • Full dynamic range HD speakers for clear balanced sound
    • Audio input jack
    • Low Noise / Frequency tuned for natural sound clarity
    • Single knob volume control with recessed volume control knob
    • Compact folding design
    • Comfort headband w/ metal wire frame
    • Sound dampening composite housing
    • NRR 23
    • Sound-activated compression 0.02 second reaction time
    • External battery door
    • Operates on 2 AAA batteries - included

    Walker's Razor muff delivers the slimmest profile available in an electronic shooting muff and a compact folding design:


    Want to store your muffs safely? Get this Compact Case - fits most Walkers brand muffs. 




    Customer Pics & Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Jolene Green (Pennsylvania)
    Great ear protection

    I got the walker slim headset it's awesome to get a custom color and to be able to hear the instructors on the firing range.

    Janet Carson (North Dakota)
    A must have

    I bought these without telling my husband. He had just bought a huge jug of the old school foam earplugs for shooting, and I thought he might be upset I just spent over $50 on headphones. However, once he tried them, he went out and bought a pair of his own. It's amazing how they dullen the loud noises but enhance the sound of everything else. We went to a private shooting range outside, and we could here all the birds chirping clear as day and hear each other talking, but when we were shooting it was dullened down to a softer level that didn't hurt our ears at all. For the record, we were shooting 22, 9MM, and 45 calibers, and they were all nice and quiet with our headphones on. Just a side note, I ordered mine with the case and they forgot to ship the case. I contacted them via email, and they fixed right away without any hassle.

    Nancy Marciano (New York)
    Great Electronic Earmuffs!

    I bought the Walker's Razor electronic earmuffs and love them! I was able to hear everything at the range, but the the loud gunfire was muffled. I love that you can adjust the volume, too! They're very comfortable, they look nice, and they fold compactly to fit nicely in the range bag!

    Matthew Algozino (Rhode Island)
    Awesome item

    Just what I was looking for. Two perfect gifts for the holidays.

    Janet Stockman (New York)

    Absolutely wonderful the fit is comfortable and and easy to use. I love them.

    Sandy Hughes

    absolutely perfect! Lightweight, perfect fit over my hearing aids. Can hear what I need and not the gun. I will love this pair of ear protectors. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!!

    Darci DeFronzo Morris (Illinois)

    These are great! I've always wanted electric earmuffs. and these work great!