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Oversized Bolt Handle

Anodized Black
Anodized Blue
Anodized Gold
Anodized Green
Anodized Gunmetal Grey
Anodized Pink
Anodized Purple
Anodized Red
Anodized Silver
Anodized Gold (D#AFH4JGQ)
Anodized Black (D#93OSJQN)
Anodized Gold (D#VBFLNLV)
Anodized Gold (D#KR8074Z)
Anodized Black (D#DWQ9CG3)
Anodized Gunmetal Grey (D#AVSKZEK)
Anodized Red (D#4KRMSCF)
Anodized Black (D#ZQNQNQA)
Anodized Gold (D#JGLOXEU)
Anodized Black (D#YGTA5TJ)
Anodized Gold (D#GWVN200)
Anodized Green (D#88YUQ19)
Anodized Black (D#MQ63WLX)
Anodized Gold (D#6AQDSLW)
Anodized Black (D#4Q23I8Q)
Anodized Green (D#IAUR3P3)
Anodized Red (D#O0VPJW1)
Anodized Black (D#2PUGVDY)
Anodized Gold (D#ALYCI2P)
Anodized Gold (D#154S5TQ)
Anodized Gold (D#Y1ZTQW5)
Anodized Gold (D#X7HH9H5)
Anodized Gunmetal Grey (D#ZOPZQW3)
Anodized Gunmetal Grey (D#YYPYEFH)
Anodized Black (D#VQPO75R)
Anodized Gold (D#EJXPBNA)
Anodized Black (D#JDB9BSI)
Anodized Red (D#EN3LOWL)
Anodized Red (D#LCPHNSP)
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Product Details

This Briley bolt handle is over-sized and perfect for the competitive shooter! Adds a touch of color without going over the top!

    The handle is extra long, easy-to-grasp and allows for fast, positive cycling. Contoured, hour-glass shape provides increased leverage.  

    Bolt handles are made in 17-4 Stainless Steel, to which is threaded a colored cap of 6061 aluminum. You will receive one that will fit your gun as precisely as your stock handle.

    Choice of Cap Texture: The colored aluminum cap is now available in two texture options - a smooth edge (cap is 1" long) or a tactical edge that is knurled (cap is 1.125" long). 

    Is it available for your model? Select your caliber from the grey options box above, then select your make and all available models will display. Price is $39.95 except for select Beretta models that are priced at $49.95. 

    Made in the USA!

    Customer Pics & Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 63 reviews
    David Poppo
    Great product

    Great upgrade over the factory bolt handle. Perfect fit.

    bolt handle & Bolt Lever Over Size

    Have just received both for my Beretta AND Benelli 12 GA it is Magic looks great would not be with out they are a MUST HAVE TO Benice & Athena thank you for all your help BEST REGARDS

    C James
    Silver 20ga

    A lot easier to cycle the bolt now!!! Ordered one for silver 12ga - pay attention when ordering because there is a difference between the 12 n 20 models

    jason edgar



    Service at Gun Goddess is MAGIC the ladies went above and beyond for my parts for my Benelli to arrive in AUSTRALIA there hear thank you all for everything if ever you all come please let me know and I will buy the Coffee do take care be safe wishing you all the BEST BOB

    larry graham

    Well made precision piece, fit perfectly and looks great!

    Good but has caveats.

    Bought this for my son’s Beretta A300 that he uses for trap. Was a replacement for the small factory bolt handle that’s hard to operate with a Birchwood Casey stick on shell catcher. The shell catcher plate and double-sided adhesive add about 1.5 mm thickness to the receiver, and the inside edge of the oversized handle is rubbing on the shell catcher. It would work great if the shank that installs into the bolt was 2 mm longer. For this to work without scraping and damaging the handle, I will have to cut off about 2 mm of the shell catcher that sits flush with the bottom edge of the ejection port for almost the entire length. I also bought an oversized bolt release, and that had an issue also with the shell catcher.