December 06, 2016 2 min read

The holiday season can get hectic, which makes it easy to forget about your personal safety. It's also a time when unsavory characters prey on those who aren't paying attention while picking up gifts, so take a minute to read our tips to make sure you're being safe while doing your holiday shopping!

Keep all your car doors locked and windows closed - make sure your doors are locked as soon as you get in your car and roll those windows up before you enter a parking lot.

Don't approach your car if there are suspicious people in the area - if you see anyone who looks "not quite right" near your vehicle, stay away from it until they leave. Make sure to scan the area all the way around your vehicle before approaching it.

When headed to your vehicle, make sure you have your keys ready - spend the least amount of time in the parking lot as possible and get in your car and lock the door immediately.

Be aware of your surroundings at all times - keep your eyes up (stay off your phone, no matter how tempting) and make sure you're scanning the area ahead of you. If something doesn't look right, change your path!

If you're shopping at night, bring a friend or family member - Safety in numbers is a real thing, so skip the late-night solo trips to the store.

Dress casually - if you're headed out to shop after work, take a change of clothes and shoes with you and slip into them before heading to the store. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry or anything else that makes you stand out in a crowd.

Don't carry a lot of cash or credit cards with you - take only the debit and credit cards you really need for that trip and make sure you have a record of all your card numbers at home.

Trust your Instincts - If an area doesn't feel right or someone in a store or parking lot is giving you the creeps, leave that area immediately.

Carry your firearm with you wherever legally allowed- if you're carrying a concealed-carry purse, make sure it's securely on your person at all times.



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