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Ulticlip Replacement Holster Clip

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Product Details

Replace your standard holster clips with Ulticlip’s patent-pending design and gain over 10 times the retention while increasing concealability!

There are THREE Ulticlip styles, for various holster applications. 

All Ulticlip Styles Feature:

  • Military-grade, black oxide finish
  • Steel is wax treated - aids in smooth operation and inhibits rust
  • Dual mounting brackets  
  • Up to 10x the retention of other holsters
  • Low profile = maximum concealment

Ulticlip Original and Ulticlip 3 Feature:

  • Provides a maximum clamping thickness of 1/4 inch.  That is the equivalent of approximately 7 layers of denim material. 
  • Size 3.5" long x 7/8" wide
  • Weight 0.78oz

How Ulticlip Works (Showing original Ulticlip & Ulticlip 3)

ORIGINAL ULTICLIP - has a ridge on the mounting area (not completely flat) and one mounting hole.

ULTICLIP 3 - has a completely flat mounting area with 2 holes and 1 slot, allowing for multiple mounting options.  See template tab below to determine if Ulticlip 3 will work for you.

ULTICLIP XL - the newest Ulticlip style is for those who prefer wearing belts. This Ulticlip will fit around a 1.5" wide belt. Consider it a combination holster clip and belt loop. Designed for 1.5″ belts and allows Inside the Waist Band (IWB) or Outside the Waist Band (OWB) carry. It also includes a built-in multitool: screwdriver and multi-stage wrench.

Ulticlip XL is made of high quality spring steel rated at over 200,000 pounds per square inch tensile strength.

Which Ulticlip To Choose?

Ulticlip and Ulticlip3 are the same length and width. Both versions are equipped with the same patent pending retention and concealment design. The only difference between Ulticlip and Ulticlip3 is the mounting bracket area.

  • Original Ulticlip –  Original Ulticlip gives you several mounting options and is capable of replacing many holster clips.   Ulticlip can be used to replace traditional holster clips that use a retention slot. This type of clip is most commonly found on leather or nylon holsters. Ulticlip also has a single hole that allows it to replace holster clips that use a single point attachment.   * If your current holster clip requires 2 or more screws you will need Ulticlip3.
    • Ulticlip 3 – The flat multi-hole mounting area allows for dual point attachment and the ability to change ride height.  You can download and print our Ulticlip3 mounting template (this can be found under the "Installation" tab) to verify if Ulticlip3 is the right choice for your holster.
    • Ulticlip XL - if you routinely wear a belt (1.5") and need your Ulticlip to fit over that belt, this one is for you. 

    Original Ulticlip vs Ulticlip 3 - What's the Difference?

    Ultimate Concealment

    A holster is only as concealable as its holster clip. Can you spot the Ulticlip in the photo below?


    Ultimate Retention (Showing original Ulticlip)

    Holster retention is a big concern.  You need your holster to stay in place when drawing your firearm, no matter how light your clothing!  

    Ultimate Versatility (Showing original Ulticlip)

    Ulticlip is unlike any traditional holster clip on the market. It has no need for a belt or any other secondary means of support to provide its retention - use it in a backpack, a purse, a pocket, a boot... the Ulticlip is incredibly versatile! 

    What holster clips can Ulticlip replace? (Using ORIGINAL ULTICLIP)

    Ulticlip will replace a large variety of standard clips, as seen in this video:


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    Installation - Care and Maintenance

    How to Install Ulticlip - Original Ulticlip 


    Care & Maintenance

    Mounting Template - Ulticlip 3

    Verify if Ulticlip3 is the right mounting option for you by printing this mounting template.  DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE - If not, go with Original Ulticlip!


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