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Two-in-One Holster (Inside/Outside the Waistband) Two-in-One Holster (Inside/Outside the Waistband) 2-in-1 Holster: Black Lace stock pattern on Arctic White (Lace can be placed over any color background - just ask us) 2-in-1 Holster: Black Carbon Fiber with purple eyelets 2-in-1 Holster:  Blue Sugar Skulls stock pattern White Lace on Black A GunGoddess exclusive: Cherry Blossoms (artwork by William Garrison) 2-in-1 Holster: Battleship Grey Carbon Fiber Front, Tiffany Back 2-in-1 Holster: Kings Camo Pink with pink eyelets Two-in-One Holster - Black Carbon Fiber, Pink Eyelets 2-in-1 Holster: Standard Open Loops Clip (Included) 2-in-1 Holster: Optional Closed Loops 2-in-1 Holster: Optional Wings 2-in-1 Holster: Peacock pattern 2-in-1 Holster: Pink Zebra 2-in-1 Holster: Kryptek Pontus 2-in-1 Holster: Multi Plaid Holster 2-in-1 Holster: Black Carbon Fiber 2-in-1 Holster: Black front, pink back 2-in-1 Holster: Open bottom holster - Glock Multi Fit 2-in-1 Holster: Choose different colors for the front and back 2-in-1 Holster: Hot Pink Back 2-in-1 Holster
Two-in-One Holster (Inside/Outside the Waistband)

Two-in-One Holster (Inside/Outside the Waistband)

These are the only available light-bearing models
These are the only light attachments currently available
Note: "Right Hand" assumes a right-handed shooter is carrying in a 5 o'clock position (just behind the right hip hip) or on the hip. Contact us if you need assistance with this.
If Yes, provide details. Note: If threaded barrel, bottom of holster is left open for muzzle to protrude.
Custom designs are printed on an Arctic White kydex base, which produces the most vivid printed colors. The white kydex will be visible only on holster edges and holster interior.
Camo patterns are printed on indicated kydex colors
Use an image file (eg. jpeg, png, tiff, pdf - not a doc file)
Use an image file (eg. jpeg, png, tiff, pdf - not a doc file)
Camo patterns are printed on indicated kydex colors

Customizations Total: $0.00

Availability: Normally ships within 3 weeks but will ship by Dec 19 if you select USPS Priority Shipping at checkout (free shipping will not be Priority)

Product Details

* Holiday Processing: The holster normally takes 3 weeks to make. But all orders placed by December 15, as long as you select USPS PRIORITY Shipping at checkout, will be expedited and will ship no later than December 19 (please note that free shipping will not be Priority shipping). 

Wear it inside the waistband? Or outside? You decide! Just re-position the clips and you have both options!  This holster is molded with the curve already in it, so it conforms to your body.  The back of the holster is almost smooth, making it very comfortable even with bigger firearms.  

Pick your color or pattern and make it your own - choose a single color or any two colors, one for the front half of the holster, and one for the back! Choose your eyelet color too! Want to really make it your own? Upload your own design for the holster front or back! 

Loops: Your holster will include 1.5" injection molded, open belt loop clips. These allow you to attach and remove the holster without removing your belt. You have the option to include additional belt attachments to your order: either closed loops, or wings. View the images.

Cant: The standard holster cant is 10 degrees forward, but you also have the option of zero cant. Zero cant is best for wearing it in the front of your body, eg. appendix or cross draw. The 10 degree cant is best for wearing behind your hip.

Sweat Shield: A full kydex sweat shield is included on the inside of the holster. With models that have a safety, the holster is molded to allow you to carry with the safety on or off.

Features include:

  • ABS injection molded plastic belt clips.
  • Integrated full kydex sweat shield.  The sweat shield covers the entire slide.
  • Sight channel that runs to the top of the belt clip, so front sight can not snag on clothing.  Sight channel is tall enough to accommodate any aftermarket sights.
  • Made of .080 thick Kydex - thick enough to provide great durability and support, thin enough to be concealable!


This is a heat transfer process that infuses the ink into the kydex material, somewhat like a tattoo - very durable and will never wear off! Just upload your design when placing your order.  For best color resolution, we recommend Arctic White as a kydex base color. The lighter greys and tans can work too. 

We suggest you email us first, and let's discuss your ideas or your design before you order, just to make sure it will look amazing!

Need Ideas?  



For best color results, patterns are printed on a light base such as tan, white or grey (ie. inside & edges of holster will be the base kydex color). The pictured examples are all available, but they're just shown here to give you an idea of what's possible. If you have a design you like, let's discuss making your holster one-of-a-kind!


Solids & Patterns(Solid Colors: Included  - Carbon Fiber Patterns: +$5  - Other Patterns: +$5 to $10). Patterns are printed on arctic white or a matching base that will be visible on the inside and edges of holster only.

Hover to view color name or click to enlarge. 


Camo Patterns  (+$5 to +$10) - Hover to view color name or click to enlarge - Patterns are printed on arctic white or a matching base that will be visible on the inside and edges of holster only. 


Eyelet Color -Please note that eyelets will be visible when your clips are attached for outside the waistband carry. If the clips are positioned for inside the waistband carry, the eyelets will end up between the clips and the holster and will not be visible. 


Switching from Inside to Outside-the-Waistband Carry


In a hurry? Want to save? We have a lot of holsters in our Bargain Bin! They're discontinued lines, demo or display models available at deep discounts. 

   Order Processing Time - Handmade to order - 3 weeks

 Limited Return Policy: Due to the highly customized nature of this product, and the very small chance of us being able to resell your holster in your choice of gun model and color combinations, we cannot accept returns on this product unless it's a solid black holster color. 

 With time and use, regardless of holster make and style, hardware may loosen. Please check and tighten it regularly. We suggest using Loctite or another thread-locker to secure your screws. 


Good Info

Switching the Clips

If you're having trouble lining up the screws with the holes, insert all the screws first and just barely tighten them. Once all screws are inserted and in place, then tighten each one all the way. This will be much easier than doing them one at a time. 

What is "cant"?

Cant is the angle the holster holds the gun in relation to your belt line.  The standard "FBI" cant is 15 degrees.  The higher the cant angle the more the gun leans forward.  The lower the angle the more straight up and down the pistol will ride.

If you are wearing your holster in front of your hip, you may prefer a straighter draw. If it’s behind your hip, you may want more of a cant angle. It is all relative to where on your body you plan to position it.  

Will my firearm fit a holster designed for a different firearm?

No.  Due to the nature of a Kydex holster, the only gun that will fit is the gun they were molded for.  The only exception would be if you had a compact version of a full size weapon.  i.e. Glock, XDm, or similar family.  If you do not know if your smaller gun will fit in a larger holster, please ask before ordering.

Can I remove my flashlight or laser and still use a holster made for them?

No.  We use the widest portion of your gun/light to create the retention necessary to keep your firearm in the holster.  This is usually found on the light or laser, so if you remove the light or laser there is nothing to click into the holster.

I have aftermarket items installed. Do I need to let you know?

Yes.  Please let us know if you have upgraded or changed anything on your gun.  There is an "order notes" box during checkout where you can list the changes to you firearm. Even if you do not think it matters, please list the differences to be on the safe side.

Will a Kydex holster damage my gun?

The short answer is no. A correctly built and maintained Kydex holster will not cause excessive wear on your gun.  Our manufacturer does not allow Kydex to form into the ejection port when they mold the holsters.  Some poorly made kydex holsters and many hybrid holsters utilize the ejection port to achieve retention.  This causes the holster to "drag" down the slide of the pistol and could damage the finish.  Our holsters use the trigger guard area of the gun to achieve the retention necessary, eliminating the “drag”. 

What type of care and maintenance does my Kydex holster require?

Simply keep your holster clean by wiping it down with a clean lint free towel when necessary.

What is Kydex?

KYDEX is a line of thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride materials. It has a wide variety of applications, including for firearm holsters and sheaths for knives. KYDEX Thermoplastic Sheet is a registered trademark of KYDEX, LLC, which is the only manufacturer of this material.

What if my holster fits too tight?

All of the IWB holster models have adjustable retention.  Simply loosen or tighten the screw(s) at the bottom of the holster to adjust the retention.  On the rare occasion the holster is too tight and there is not enough adjustment in the screws at the bottom of the holster, we recommend you do the following:

1.    Set the holster's retention at 1/2 its adjustment.

2.    Put your gun in a food storage bag (or any thick plastic bag).

3.    Insert your gun and bag into the holster.  

4.    Using a hair dryer (NOT A HEAT GUN) gently warm the sight channel (the top of the holster) of your holster until you feel the holster begin to relax.  

5.    Allow the holster to cool with the gun and bag still in the holster.  Now remove the gun from the bag and adjust the retention to your desired level.

I have additional questions not covered in this FAQ, what should I do?

If you have read through this FAQ and still have questions, just give us a call at (866) 957-1117


Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Got a 2nd one

I loved my first holster so much that I bought one for my Tiffany Blue Glock 43. Great product all around and love the color.

Perfect fit.

Great workmanship. Very happy.

Nice holster

Nice and light, fits my gun well. Definitely a good purchase.


I love it! It also came sooner than I expected. Will order from this company again

Two in one holster

I ordered this two in one holster to fit my Ruger LC9s. I ordered the zero cant which was perfect for carrying on the hip. My gun snaps perfectly and securely in the holster. I like that the holster covers the barrel of the gun entirely and it does not stick out of the end. Easy to change to the outside the waistband configuration. Takes a little bit of practice drawing the gun out as the fit of the gun in the holster is definitely snug. Just know that if you order it to be assembled for inside the waist band carry and you order colored eyelets, the eyelets are underneath the belt clips and can only be seen with the outside the waistband setup. I thought the eyelets were missing from mine until customer service pointed out that the pictures of the holster were with the outside the waistband setup.

Nice Holster

Nice light holster, I got for my wife and her Walther CCP. She really likes it. Screws make it a little uncomfortable but not too bad.

Great holster, even better customer service

I ordered a custom holster for my Sig P239 with a threaded barrel. I received the holster within the estimated 3 weeks but the retention was way too tight and the holes were also off a little bit on one of the clips, making it difficult to change the clips from iwb to owb. I was anxious to get a holster because I am taking an intermediate pistol class soon and need it for the class. Customer service took care of me right away by sending a priority return label. I shipped the holster the next day, and they repaired all my issues and sent it back to me within 5 days of receiving it! The holster is perfect and I am thrilled with it.


Definitely one of the best holsters I’ve found. Design is impeccable and allows for close carrying, even when I am wearing tighter clothing. I wear for left hand draw and inside waistband at my hip. Ordered this one for my CCP subcompact 9mm and Will be ordering another for my PPQ M2 9mm. Totally recommend.

Great Holster

Received my Glock 36 holster today and I love it!! Gun fits great and retention is perfect. I also purchased the wings, I haven't put them on yet but it appears they will really hold the holster close to my body for OWB carry. I love that I can convert this to IWB if I wish! Great product once again GunGoddess!

Nice holster

Good holster
Comfortable on hip
Good tension
Very beautiful!